A Date I Had Tonight.

Look at her go. She didn’t look back. Not once. Not even a hint of it. I can’t imagine not looking back. Not wondering. She did tell me her school was far fewer than 500. My God, I went to a school with nearly 3,000 kids. That should have told me right there. She didn’t look back. People don’t wonder. Don’t imagine. The possibilities are irrelevant next to.. Dancing With the Stars or anything to discard the reminder of their own depravity.

National Authority will not survive the colossal white hole


National Authority will not survive the colossal white hole that is the internet. Black holes, suck in everything and spit out everything it has demolished in a new Big Bang of a new Universe. The jungle of the screen-internet is causing our sense of perspective as in distance, that which enabled us to be individuals with distinct identity, now set to die, and the Buffalo on the horizon are ants in our sleepy faces. A native american mosaic is now our perspective, forever 2-dimensional.