One can know things by inference. That is, if knowledge is defined by repeatable events met with repeatable actions corresponding to a probabilistic context of the same variables. And it is always this basis, the ones in control are always maintaining don’t exist.


Total Man

The concept of a fully integrated human being.

Meaning all compartments are one. Work life, sex life, car life, all gone. Made into one thing. With the coming of the Internet, the office life ends and brings it into the home. The end of privacy inside the bubble of inclusive space reigns supreme.

Primarily though, this can be seen in one’s ideology where belief is often dichotomized from action; splintered into a thousand social bubbles. Pull this way, or that.

The individualist society’s of the past where one can play two or three, or ten sides of a fence, as seen most notably in House of Cards for instance; will take over. This is another part of what ensures the eventual demise of national authority as cultural overseer. Corporations took over the job of the post-war government stronghold and pushed it into fruition with the 60’s. Now it is the Corporation, the next centralist system to be taken down. The next paradigm, the feudal niche.

This is nothing but the literal truth about what is happening to us.

We will remember a day when not everything was recorded.

We will remember a time when some of the trees didn’t have eyes.

When a trip in the car didn’t mean going inside.

Yes, the notion of ‘outside’ is gone.

We will remember a day when you could avoid yourself appearing in the perpetual pocket mirror.

Of whatever device or organ it becomes.

This is the literal truth about what is happening to us.

We will remember a day when we can look at the horizon and think of great distances. But we will not remember what they are. Or how they felt. Until we really truly read again. We are post-literacy if anyone cared to notice.

Now there are only satellite stars.

And the dew film of screen on our sleepy faces ceases to go away in the sunlight. We are the vampires now.

This is nothing but the literal truth about what is happening to us.

We will look back and see no heroes. Or horizons.

We will remember a time when the hills didn’t have eyes.

Point of view is over in the jungle cosmos of information. The end of discovery. The beginning of that great poet’s “Terminal Sophistication.”

We will one day not see a perspective or be awed by anything that appears farther than a screen’s distance to our eyes.

Like the jungle tribe New Guineans and the Buffalo on the North American horizon they thought were insects. Not two inches from their faces.

(My poetry is a trite copy of my Dad’s poems. But I learned a thing or two. About words. And their power.)

Words are no longer perceived as visual entities.

Music is the infinitely dominant art.

Perspective is gone.

Consensus is decentralized.

Peace is perpetual Struggle and Joy.

The struggle itself, that is, for freedom, ensured by War; both completely values only for some and hence, not for others.

Would happiness metaphysically mean stagnance?

As Mr. Smith had indicated to Morpheus.

The human drama must continue.

There are no spectators.

You are included.

We are finally no longer approaching “those days.”

These are those days.

This is nothing but the literal truth about what is happening to us.


Media Psychology: Ego Goes SuperNova with Smart Phones

The extreme ends of Narcisism are evident under electronic conditions to begin to appear to be its opposite: the smart phone’s constant state of tactile-reflection is very mentally rutting to the ego in its collectivist message, and so to speak; goes SuperNova.

Meaning, that in imploding upon itself, (the ego) i.e. looking at yourself “too much” whether it be on Facebook or FaceTime—you suddenly realize with electronic speed, that now instead of being in an isolated living room theatre, you have the rest of the world visiting ad-infinitum.

This virtual sort of tribalism is the feudal precursor to the physical based, off-grid living we’ll be doing very soon enough. Always remember the Hunger Games and O’Brian will always be torturing us since, and as McLuhan says: Terror is the prevailing emotion in the new eras.

Aside from paranoia and joy.

I’ll add that this also joins us in a very Buddhist sort of way. This comes from the Western belief of progress and lack of relativity that the electronic jungle wipes out. Boundless space is infinite so you don’t feel so great in the distances traveled per se. Medieval is this boundless future full of fantastic, with such things in it…

A Date I Had Tonight.

Look at her go. She didn’t look back. Not once. Not even a hint of it. I can’t imagine not looking back. Not wondering. She did tell me her school was far fewer than 500. My God, I went to a school with nearly 3,000 kids. That should have told me right there. She didn’t look back. People don’t wonder. Don’t imagine. The possibilities are irrelevant next to.. Dancing With the Stars or anything to discard the reminder of their own depravity.

National Authority will not survive the colossal white hole


National Authority will not survive the colossal white hole that is the internet. Black holes, suck in everything and spit out everything it has demolished in a new Big Bang of a new Universe. The jungle of the screen-internet is causing our sense of perspective as in distance, that which enabled us to be individuals with distinct identity, now set to die, and the Buffalo on the horizon are ants in our sleepy faces. A native american mosaic is now our perspective, forever 2-dimensional.