You cannot be an Environmentalist and eat meat. You cannot be a Feminist and read women’s magazines. 

You cannot be an activist and not show up for protests. 

You cannot be a parent by ignoring the rest of the world.

You cannot be a Hustler and not hustle people for money.

The Psychopath must kill.

The Hero kills, him. 

Or neither are as such. 

None are such things which do not do. That which defines.

Which definition are you, to bend or remove with the remover? To remove.

To revise. For all to approve.

You cannot be a Father by giving your son fish. And then no rod, no bait, no boat, and no lessons on how.

To fish.

You cannot be a Hero as a half life of deeds. 

Alls well that ends well and alls that which is, is as such – only as it ends.

If you are hiding your views, you are creating and maintaining a context of silence.

People often ask me what I am doing. What are you doing Neal, just talking..?

While they would hide their talk and then say words are meaningless as if only some donation or cause with a .com and investors were the only actions.

Such views are intended to discredit words themselves as actions. 

Which are today online, and off: great risks in themselves, as I myself maintain being passed over for jobs to be openly and actively political. 

Then those same ‘friends’ then tell me “it’s just cause you’re too political.”

Revealing just what hypocrisy they perpetrate.

Apolitical is a euphemism for cowardice.

In Reality.

I am deathly tired of those middle of the roaders who dole out statements that neither confirm nor deny. 
Yet through you a bone.

It’s just a bone.

Let’s call you what you are: an appeaser. A coward.  A Traitor. 

Let you not be able to smile in the face of mankind; for you have sold her and him down the river.

There is no such thing as “I am just living my own life in my own corner of the world.” 

You are either a part of the world or you are fostering those who enslave. There is no middle of the road in a context of oppression. 

Worse than the perpetrators.