Our Simulated Vanishing Point

Because of the screen, we are now hardwired to perceive of close objects, better, and far away ones–as mere simulation.

That simulation of distance when we zoom or toggle our screens, is replacing the the mind’s eye of distances, a frontier where Individualism was born and now lies, dying.

We are now forever to bat away ants, we will never know; are really Buffalo on the Horizon.

A Thing To Know About Denialists

One thing we may not at all realize and that the denialist does, is that it doesn’t matter that something is true, but only that an official story has been accepted.

This explains why lies perpetuate themselves as does culture, which has the necessity of being based on lies  in order to facilitate order.

(in all cultures unless it is a contained population)Vesper Heliotropic Website

electrification of culture

Once people start moving around more, their tablets allow them to become nomadic, and give up the suburban life, then we shall see a population that can be sold on the idea of being against their own nation. We will all enter the state of the current Palestinian. No home. No direction home. THAT is what electrification of culture really means.

I think it now.

I didn’t used to think this.

But if you really and truly see someone’s perspective, you really and truly understand something.

I would say one has to be on the other side, twice. That means, two 180s.

To make, a 360 turn.

Then and only then can you say you understand the thing between the two.

I think it now.


One can know things by inference. That is, if knowledge is defined by repeatable events met with repeatable actions corresponding to a probabilistic context of the same variables. And it is always this basis, the ones in control are always maintaining don’t exist.


Total Man

The concept of a fully integrated human being.

Meaning all compartments are one. Work life, sex life, car life, all gone. Made into one thing. With the coming of the Internet, the office life ends and brings it into the home. The end of privacy inside the bubble of inclusive space reigns supreme.

Primarily though, this can be seen in one’s ideology where belief is often dichotomized from action; splintered into a thousand social bubbles. Pull this way, or that.

The individualist society’s of the past where one can play two or three, or ten sides of a fence, as seen most notably in House of Cards for instance; will take over. This is another part of what ensures the eventual demise of national authority as cultural overseer. Corporations took over the job of the post-war government stronghold and pushed it into fruition with the 60’s. Now it is the Corporation, the next centralist system to be taken down. The next paradigm, the feudal niche.