Marcus Mental Health, a Boston ‘Psychiatry’ Practice, is a Scam!


This man should have his license revoked, he is the very first ‘psychiatrist,’ who actually practices shaming his patients. I went in for anger problems and he shamed me for having anger! And then refused to talk about my anger.

He too boot, comes off as an awful man and seems senile. He said many things that were completely out of context.

“Dr.” Marcus, or Michael William Marcus, told me that I “should have watched it” when talking to his staff, who are completely incompetent. The first therapy session was 90% about me and his staff when I didn’t even raise my voice, I just got frustrated at a staff member who couldn’t put 2 + 2 to make 4 to save her life!

Dr. Marcus shamed me for ‘losing my temper’ upon a first visit and actually made a list of reasons why I should “watch out” and “control my temper” which is on the “verge of being out of control at any moment,” and that “I need to be monitored.” I am pretty normal aside from a pretty mild anger management problem, at least with regards to Marcus and his experience of me.

In addition he refused to even refill my SSRI Celexa, 4 days before I discovered he had given me no free refills on that first visit! I am forced now to withdraw from 4 years of anti-depressants because I can’t afford his $450 therapy session!

Standard doctors would give me a standard 3 refills, but money grubbing Dr. Marcus made sure to tell me that I have to come in and spend money and have monthly visits, in order to even have a 30 day supply!

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I’m a White Male with an Upper Middle Class Background.  And I’ve Had a Hard Life.


I’ve had a hard life. Not many can really say that in the existing middle class. Whatever that is today…

We’ve been trained to think of Smokey the Bear: That is, the social notion about ourselves: that it’s our fault and we are the ones to blame for society’s woes. When it’s actually our leaders.

It’s not.

“Your fault.”

It’s the fault of the rich and the system of wealth preservation. I’ve enjoyed this system and receive money from it to this day. I am myself a hypocrite, business conspirator and war profiteer of the middle class.

Nonetheless, it’s not my fault.

I’ll make a list:

  • I lost my mom when I was 19
  • she was terribly sick my whole life and finally we put her to sleep in 1998
  • My brother was 14
  • My Dad lost his marbles and considered his children emotionally extraneous soon after my mom passed and married a horrible, horrible person and is with her to this day. She will not take care of him, despite his devotion and he doesn’t get it
  • The Second Great Depression Began in 2008, and my Dad went from $120,000 as a Real Estate agent, or more a year, to $27,000 or so as a school bus driver
  • He tried suicide in 2014
  • I lost my marbles in 1999, and moved all over the world and had a daughter in France whom I was unable to see without money for many, many years
  • I have a severe learning disability that impaired reading on top of dyslexia and low latent inhibition
  • I’ve only started to – read – in 2006 because of ebooks, Kindle and the iPhone
  • I am a painter in a country where true fine art does not sell
  • And then told that it does
  • I wasted over $65,000 on the scam of art education in higher learning in the U.S.
  • I was picked on by black and hispanic americans my whole grade school 12 years
  • I sucked at sports and everyone made fun of me for it my whole life. I took it very seriously.
  • I never fit in despite my apparent looks and girls were after me to some extent
  • My teeth will fall out in 5-7 years without $50,000 of dental work, after insurance.
  • My own friends all pretty much sold out to the system with the slightest touch of pressure. I held on in poverty for many years.
  • 16 years. Of poverty. 5 of it by choice. The first 5.
  • I am a painter in a country where real artists are shunned, or at best, invisible
  • I live in a country where the startlingly vast majority, is dumb as rocks.
  • I live in a country where New York City is the only great place left. And its invaded by the worst kind of pretender, Yuppie tripe, scum.
  • I live in a city, Boston where everyone is fake. Not even one free beer.
  • I probably have cancer
  • And in any case, will probably not live to see my 60’s, if not 50’s.

So, yeah it’s not our fault.

I’m here to tell you, it’s really no one who makes under $300,000 a year’s fault.

It’s the Big guys. And they are guys.

History will have its way with them.


The Bastille will again avenge us.



A Loving God

The question why do we fight each other is obvious: the gulf of resources in terms of: talent, innate and non, the gulf of reason and abstraction between us. The gulf of geography, habit, and hence, culture.

Ideology is not superfluous.

But we have been made to think it is.

The Source of which. Is the Rich.

No other.

And they built a WALL. Around them, the height of the distance to the Moon.

You’ll never get there.

It’s growing.

To Mars.

And Beyond.


…The canyons of knowledge. The powerful addiction of the powerful to the masses of the Stupid. They depend on.

For a way to suck money from Us.

To build bombs.

To protect Wealth.

And so on it goes, on and on.

Until there is no more Earth to suck.

And Nature.


Us All.




For all these reasons and many profoundly more: We failed.

Nevertheless, we all hold in us, the concept of justice, and a way of life.

Yet, in the modern day, ‘a way of life’ is a moot point.

To the bribery we take of our living room theaters and endless drink, candy, ass, pussy and dick–we let those bombs be built.

From our spectator view.

We think is a choice.

Shame. Shame on us for thinking we ever had one.

When an unmanned robot can have more than 99% accuracy to be guaranteed to hit the assassinated. In their living room.

And leave the children sitting next to them, alive.

Every time.

From 13,000 miles away.

Give Pause.

Do not read on until you do.





Now think:

What is the nature of your ‘choice?’

Do you even speak out in protests?

I doubt it.

I have.

But why would I?

When all my needs are met.

At the expense of some guy or girl or woman or man, or transgendered person: their children being tortured and killed for nothing. And Forever.

Why would I object?

I live in a Paradise.


And – We live under the ostense of freedom. When our choice is an illusion.

We live in the reality of the physical manifestation of that lie.

That lie shrouds a margin of freedom we do hold to in the minority that enjoys it on the entire planet.

Albeit, it has never even in this amount; ever existed in human history.


A loving God would not do these things to us, would He?

If a coherent philosophy that identifies and makes sense of only an unbroken chain from nothing but the – facts – of reality, is capable to any man–then why have we failed to establish it?

All any powerful person has done, with power to date, is serve their own subjective interests. When those interests happen to have been more objective and more applicable to all, even if unjust; they called these individuals, Roosevelt, Churchill or Einstein, V. Woolf, Rimbaud, Whitman, or Amelia Airheart.  Darwin.


All the women and men of ability have done is make a world to live in.

People determine its character.

And what is that character?

Homelessness. Poverty. Disorder. More freedom, yes, but only until someone else has a bigger gun.

That’s the nature of the beloved ‘People.’

We just won’t accept that all men are not created equal.

And that most men, are so far from equal, that some great person said:

  • “The difference between a chimp and the human being, is the same gap between the average man, and the genius.”


Why has someone said this?

Why is our world in chaos?

Because we seek a loving God.

Who would Himself, put them all to sleep.

And leave the geniuses.

To what?


Yes. To thrive, alone!

Out of compassion.

Yes. She would.


Yes, She Would.


Requiem For The Suburbanite

People from my past do not resonate with me.

People live in other places cause they can’t handle Big Cities.

I just had a date cancel on me cause she was too suburban to be on time for a train to New York City. I told her to put her little provincial sensibilities back on her TV stand and stay out of my life.

Big Cities, not to mention public transit are coming back, and the car and its resultant environment: Suburbia has finally reached its end.


  • Peak Oil
  • Destruction of the planet via carbon emissions
  • The destruction of human health
  • The engenderment of the human mind into a reactive-passive existence
  • The implosion of sprawl back into city environments
  • The explosion of e-media from Segways to Smart Phones
  • The Internet
  • Self-driving cars
  • Uber and Lyft making cars a short-run puddle jumping device rather than ‘the car’
  • Extinction of all life on Earth due to the inefficiency of the automobile…

And much – much – more.

Maybe this is why we’re seeing rampant car ads non stop on TV and the Net…Cars according to most news sources, are anathema to many Millennials who aren’t buying…

Still though to date 2016, above all, the masses prefer cars and prefer homes with their living room theaters over most things: art, culture and human interaction-any day of the week.

This is despite the fact that U.S. culture consumes 40% of the worlds resources and occupies less than 5% of its population.

And yet people, the vast majority still live in the Burbs and don’t think twice.

“My job’s here.”


“I could never get a job in the city.”

This is probably because you are involved in a job that’s obsolete.

The computer and Internet have made work decentralized and any job that can’t be at least partially remote, is probably passé.

Passé in this sense meaning: soon to be nonexistent.

The only jobs or work left in the whole world will be in programming, data, semantics and media.

All else, even doctors, will be food for worms in the coming decade…

People getting fatter and fatter, the US obesity rate is about 50%!

In suburbia, it’s either that or become obsessed with health, packed into gyms like hamsters.


I’m here to let you know that this decision is fatal.

When all you had to do was walk.

Studies show time and time again, the “extreme” benefits of walking:

These include muscle-building, longer endurance, weight loss, and according to one (The Honolulu 8000 men) and many other studies just like it–most often cuts cancer rates in – half!

Cancer–in half! Just by walking 2-3 miles a day* (*Honolulu 8000)

But what else does the car and its environment do?

It makes you lazy and isolates human beings.

Corporate power has centralized from around 53 largest companies to fewer than 9 in 2014 according to Ben H. Bagdikian in his revised “New Media Monopoly.

This has a lot to do with – old – media.


No. Trains are being reinvented to suit the new environment

Cars, offices, print, suburban sprawl, housing, meat, cheese, milk… all these are what brought the world into 9 Corporations because only humongous corporate entities aside from governments can handle that kind of inventory when pressed to the new world’s (digitally organized) product-volume standards.

These are all disappearing though because the Internet renders the new environment into services over products.

Very soon bio and non, 3-d printing will make Corporations themselves, obsolete. 3-d printing is not a product as much as a service, because it is a living process.

That is–is a machine that produces other machines, really a machine at all? It’s more of a service when you think about it, because products have an end-state and its static. A service, by nature, is ongoing and more cyclical and even ephemeral in and of its own individual existence.

There will be a day in the coming 2020’s or sooner, when all these corporate products will be grown, not produced, and fully able to autonomously replicate themselves.

Making the need for ‘production’ and human labor, and even ‘machine made’ products–completely disappear. Along with offices themselves, Walmart, Amazon and any warehouse shipping ‘service.’

The Net has already destroyed the office and brought it back to the home…

All this and our typical somnambulist culture holds that smart phones are what’s behind the aversion to human interaction, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

People in cities don’t interact with their phones in the same way at all.

City people use the phone to connect with physical humans, not media.

Myself, being a city person since the age of 19 and never having owned a car; I can say that I’ve eaten shit for almost 20 years and I have had nothing but normal cholestoral, and liver upon every physical, nearly every year. Even despite drinking like a fish.

But moreover, I experience a completely different world than a suburban person does.

You ever experience the same road in a car as on foot?

What’s the first thing you notice?

Everything looks different.

I’ve even mistaken entire streets or blocks to be a completely different route simply because I hadn’t seen it outside of a car or vice versa.

What else?

How about this: how many nights do you come home from work and watch some kind of media?

How long do you do this? All night?

Every night?

When I exit the door, I put one foot in front of the other and feel my tree trunk legs support me from nearly 20 years of daily 3-4 mile walking–and don’t have to worry about destinations. I get coffee, and go do: whatever I want.

Strip club, museum, library, bar, café, the symphony…you name it! And I can have it in minutes.

And I have everything I – need – within a 0.5 mile radius which allows exercise of at least 2-3 miles a day, walking.

I get home and want to go out again and meet with my friends at local cafés. My mind is always active.

I spend time with friends and in conversation far more than at the TV, laptop or phone. And yet all those devices enable a better – physical – life with many more connections and meaning.

Have you noticed that your gut gets bigger the more you sit? You ever notice how much back pain you have?

And how much sitting does one actually do per day in Suburbia? Try to notice how much it is versus actually getting off your ass and you’ll see very quickly where your life is going.


– I still have a gut however, as the result of BEER, but as the result of a life of walking–my mind is more active. –

And I prefer to stand at my desk, being a programmer.

And guess what?? – It’s WAY healthier!

There’s research to back it up.

NPR has an article you should check out, here. There’s a reason why Google and many other Tech companies are encouraging their employees to stand at their desks.

Health, aside from a host of many other benefits are all the rage; along with more ‘office’ breaks and get this: more gets done!

Also your brain is better when taking – walking – breaks:

According to most University and Harvard studies, as well as Scentific American Mind, the brains of city people are – far – more active than that of their suburbanite counterparts.


Here’s a few articles on mental and physical health related to pedestrian life.


This is all aside from the aforementioned facts about technology and electrification rendering the car as supplemental if not, obsolete.

The stunning documentary “The End of Suburbia,” explains how the end of oil or ‘peak oil’ on the planet is making way for multi-functional units and a new city-exodus.

This is no joke. I see denser suburban towns emerging fast, and micro-unit homes and malls integrating into residential living. While my home back in stupid ol’ Springfield VA is strangulated by L.A. like sprawl with 45 min long traffic jams.


This is key: the integration of residential and commercial along with pedestrian based life is the earmark of any well diversified, big city.

You may think your car is a godsend and your life is better off with the monumental convenience of an individualized transit device.

Seriously though?

Or is it the typical argument from the mouth of conventional wisdom, like:

“You can’t raise kids in a big city.”

Look at kids raised in the burbs and then compare them to kids born and raised in Brooklyn. Let me tell you, the suburbs are far more dangerous to the spiritual life of a person.

Aside from poverty in the inner city, the middle class kids and above inside the city are far less ignorant and enjoy consumable information, food, museums and people–by an incomparable measure.

Just about every old friend of mine, still stuck to their car and living in the just add water suburbs are fat, stuck in unhappy relationships and jobs.

I, on the other hand, have left behind all those old friends and even family. Note the cultural rigidity: they won’t even consider a city and yet their health and minds reflect that choice.

I stood strong against the culture of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

I stand strong against the car and its degraded environment: Suburbia.

Stand with me.

Stand at your desk.

Get out of your metal coffin inching along the freeway, and fuck the gas!


Walk like Forest fucking Gump.

Then you will notice something is funny.


It’s not a sight or a sound.

It’s the clarity of your own mind.