The People

We think of The People as some inviolate principle of Democracy, despite its near total failure.

And yet no one is more representative of the people, than our leaders.

So the argument that our leaders rule the people is true, but they are a reflection of what any of those “people” would do in that position: take advantage. 

Because that is the ultimate nature of a typical human, aside from the truly gifted—stupid and depraved.


Boston is a Conservative Shit Hole.


I grew up feeling and thinking that Boston is a mythic place like New York.

And that it is a city, like New York.

It is neither.

Wanna know its population? Less that half a million. That’s the city-proper.

New York City proper, without the surrounding metro area–is about 12 million.

THAT is a city.

I’ve been here a year, and yes it’s an improvement over D.C. But what the fuck is that saying anyway? D.C. is Hell on Earth and so is Nova, that place of small intellects, sports, and thick skulled little bureaucrats and soccer-mom little nothings. When I am King, Nova-DC will be re-colonized with the vast majority of its old population shipped off to the moon.

So, I thought coming here with my Fiancé would prove how great and intellectual Boston, and at least Cambridge, are.

Yet I walk out into the street and look at alllllllllllllllllllllllll – the Sports Bars. All of them. Even in Cambridge, which is pretty much just Central, one strip of feigned bohemia. Even its French cafés have arrays of sports balls caps on backwards.

This town is dead. Saturday night street life is like a Mister Rogers episode compared to even 23rd street in downtown Manhattan.

Boston has no vegan food. Even if you’re vegetarian, people look at you like you should be ordering a steak. It’s mostly small town girls who move to Boston too, cause they can’t handle a place like L.A. or New York. And apparently I’ve met them all. Each one has some little gift like music or stamp collecting they like to tote around. Many are Polyamorous here. They’re voting for Hilary.

Boston has one sex shop I think. One real one. And one strip club called “Centerfolds” and it kinda sucks. NYC has 20, just on one Google Search.

One real vegan place in Chinatown. One. Oh no! – Two, one other in Cambridge just for vegetarians. NYC? – Google Search for Vegan Places: “About 55,900,000 results (0.75 seconds) ” – YEAH.

I look up at the Prudential center, one of it’s only tall buildings and I thought the Empire State building was kinda of small. Little did I know how low to the ground “skyscrapers” could be… Empire State Building: 1,425′. Boston’s Prudential Center: 920′ to the tip. It’s more like 700 feet, dude. World Trade One, the new tower in Manhattan, is 1,776′, to the tip. That’s a REAL tower.

I can’t believe that such a beautiful town, yes town, not city–could be so stupid. Most bars are filled to the brim with meat heads and the streets are lined with fickle little college girls carrying garments. Carrying them, not wearing them. In big fashion bags that dwarf their frail little bodies.

If you’re into alternative lifestyles, Boston and Cambridge have a lot of fat girls you might wanna date. Cause that’s all you’re gonna get if you’re opinion falls anywhere outside the norm.

Everyone helps each other in Boston. Lots of bums and the police don’t even bother them. People will help you into the train door and then block the passage way out, in the “T” because they don’t know how to walk in a city. —CAUSE they don’t live in a city! – It’s Boston!

The nightlife reads like suburbia: people even worry about their BAC levels before the night ends. Cause they actually have to DRIVE home. They own cars. All of them.

The subway, the “T” is on the verge of collapse, gets no funding and looks more like a trolley. I think it is a trolley.

I can walk Boston two times over in less than a day. MIT is this compartmentalized little area like all the others where smarts is kind of fenced off by more sports bars. And a few “smart people bars” that appear on Good Will Hunting. All two of them.

Ask for directions here, to anywhere and people will tell you they drive cars. In New York, people clamor to give you a detailed list of streets on two or three ways on how to get where you’re going. And feel proud of it. Cause New York is somewhere you can actually feel proud of.

Moving to Somerville this September. Looks somewhat more promising. And suburban.

I won’t date fat girls. So I’m pretty much confined to brainless, spineless college girls.

Got into a fight the other day with this little pecker guy, college kid. I was at Starbucks and he actually expected me to keep his loose little plug to his Mac tightly secured to the outlet, which was between my legs by the way. When it inevitably came loose, he prompted me with a raising eyebrow look as if to say “okay, time to plug it back in.”

I gave him shit. Then he got between my legs to plug it back in.

“Get the fuck out of my personal space you little twat.” I said.

He looked at me like I was from outer space. Little boy hadn’t figured bigger boys would snap at you. CAUSE IT’S BOSTON! No one fights here unless you’re drunk or at Fenway. Cause there’s nothing else to get passionate about aside from Dumbballs and “The Sox.”

Isn’t that basketball? HA.

So as an artist, free thinker, intellectual—if you’re thinking of moving to Boston or its surrounding area. Prepare to love Baseball or be ostracized. Prepare to date fat girls. Prepare to waste money on drinks with vacuous people and then drive home.

Prepare to move to a small town if you’re interested in coming to Boston.

I became my Dad’s Heroes.

I am tired.

And, I am tired.

Though, with Teeth.

It was worth it. Yes. Oh yeah. – Alas, there is a New York City. Still extant. And still a smart jew heckling. Thank God. Thank God for him.

There was a homeless guy on…

…On ah, on 3rd, off Third Ave there.

“Fuck the VCR!”

Then Pelted a VCR tape to the ground. His backpack, full of em. Croning over like Igore. 

The tape, it’s rafting entrails, flailing near a cop car. 

Wish I remembered more.

Naw, he didn’t care. Held a machine gun.


Becoming Bowie and marrying New York City.

Was like finding Katherine.

And at the same time, a Ten Year sacrifice like I never thought could happen. Of Lili, of me, of my Dad and my brother. All sacrificed on the altar of eternal hubris. But it is that Hubris that both damns and saves our souls. Because in America, it’s either one path or the other.

I couldn’t put up with the boredom.

In America, we hear the Drum of the gangs of new york. That mustached robber barron with an axe. Except we become the axe, not the axed.

We are taught that humans are commodities while explicitly endorsing its opposite. “You are what you make yourself.” Becomes.

“Just do it.”


“There’s a helpless starving child who needs you.”

The thin line between Entertainment and War.

Is what we got.

And call, Democracy.



SportsBalls is everywhere.

I turn.


There are balls being thrown. And arms thrown out in embrace.

“We won!”          ______________They say.

Their balls aren’t very heavy and Fenway Stadium stands, anachronism.

To hit a hard round object across a field and have motherfuckers run after it.

People cheer.

That’s what Boston likes.

New York kicks its ass and drowns sports in the multitudes.

The way eyes from a drowning son will scream at his mother, in wince before that final gasp.

Let me give Sports, its final gasp.