Fight Postmodernism: A Rambling

“Michel Foucault has identified the major targets: “All my
analyses are against the idea of universal necessities in human
existence.” Such necessities must be swept aside as baggage from
the past: “It is meaningless to speak in the name of—or against—
Reason, Truth, or Knowledge.”

The dominant trend in the contemporary age is called post-moderism. Without getting into its meaning, which can easily be referenced here:, I wanted to point out the book: where this qoute is coming from:

Explaining Postmodernism

Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault

Stephen R. C. Hicks

…and how startling the Foucault quote was to me, and should be to anyone who really thinks about it. I never really heard directly the outright confession of post-modernism as being anti-intellectual, but this quote makes so clear that it truely is. That someone would actually go so far as to make one’s entire philosophy revolve around what amounts in the end to the meaninglessness of human existence. As I have observed from friends who have fallen prey to this thinking, a fundamental lack of self-esteem seems to be handled very well by the ease of simply giving up on life which is so easily taken care of by post-modern notions of living.

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It’s Happening Now: Cisco Unleashes ‘The Human Network’

Not tomorrow. Yesterday.

“A phone that fixes a scooter. A billboard that adapts to an audience of one. A car that can see what’s ahead. On the human network, video changes everything.”

Click this link and scroll down to the ‘Visual Networking’ video. This is the ad that caught my eye.

You can also press play here for the official ad:

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“Why do you always have to label everything, can’t you just let something just be as it is?”

“Not everything can be categorized, why are you always trying to categorize everything, not everything makes sense.”

I’m writing this post to clarify the error in the branch of the of politically correct culture which seems to be against ‘labels.’

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I remember the words of the late Tom Hutchins, an old, beloved friend. His words will live in my heart forever:

“Neal, make pussy your self-administered reward for concentrating on your art.”

That was seven years ago, in 2001.

To this day, I have only heeded those words but on a few occasions. And, albeit, those few have been momumental in bringing my art closer to fruition. But, I admit, the occasions in which those words were not heeded far outnumber their opposite.

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