Hypocrisy Taken to a New Level: McCain

This is a video a friend of mine sent to me on John McCain from http://bravenewfilms.org/

Surprisingly, I was shocked.

As a brief analysis, it is true that on one hand, every political candidate can be caught in even blatant contradictions all the time. What is markedly different, however, and I think at least more unique to our new era in the 2000’s, is the fact that these are not merely blatant contradictions, about say, just anything, but outstandingly glaring and even criminal inconsistencies on the most important issues.

In the video you will see McCain actually say “We know Al Qaeda is training in Iran…” then completely change his statement while his cronies are correcting him, to then state: “No, it is extremists training in Iran.” In short, the right has resorted to just outright lying to everyone and is now not afraid to admit it.

Much of it IS in plain view, and I think this is the second thing more unique to our time: the explicitness of hypocrisy as publicly immune. That is–people just don’t care, especially conservatives, of whom I intend to deal with personally by removing, disengaging, and disowning any so-called ‘friend’ who acts in accordance with neo-conservative ‘principles,’ or even votes for McCain or the ‘right.’


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