Come Out and Support Obama: Lessons from the Debate

It was obvious from last night’s debate that the republican right has hit a new level of now cartoon quality incoherence. Obama was rational, collected, calm, and yet passionate at the same time with questions answered directly, on-context, with cutting articulation.

McCain was inarticulate, panting, stumbling, responded with an alarming number of non-sequiturs, and evaded more questions than he answered with the same mind numbing ‘let me tell you a story, son’ type of emotionalism, not to mention, cue-card boiler plate catch phrases.

With extreme frequency Obama actually had to correct the near-senility of an out of touch aging McCain time and time again with the (to McCain) shameful statement: “Well, that’s just not true.”

A friend of mine made an interesting observation as well: McCain hardly ever, in not never, peered up to look directly at his opponent, whereas Obama did nothing but direct focused rational attention toward McCain.

McCain’s lack of eye-contact or direct gaze, is I believe, one of the scientifically demonstrated characteristics of a person who is lying: the other one I know, is of smiles which disappear within what is almost the same instant they are initiated, among, I’m sure a whole host of other sheer give aways.

Keep in mind McCain is the same guy who is quoted as saying: “Well we know Al Qaeda is being trained in Iran,” only to be corrected on the spot by an advisor to rearrange his statement to a criminal level: “I’m sorry we know extremists are being trained in Iran.”

Obama is obviously the level of intelligence we need in a president, and need it badly. McCain made it even more obvious last night the nature of his dim wit and low level of knowledge, especially after a failed attempt to call off the debates knowing the latter two are all too true.

Obama is the president we need to pull us out of the republican’s war profiteering agenda to conquer the world and use the public as a rag to wipe off on.

Support Obama, support change, support intelligibility and reason.

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