Smokescreen Complexity: Inclusion of the Probable

If someone said to you that it is virtually impossible to know the probability of how many car-to-pedestrian related deaths there are in a given city, you might be inclined to think that such a problem would be far too vast and complex to ever ‘solve.’

This might seem reasonable, since, after all, how could we ever corner such a huge number of variables to end up with one figure?

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Obama in the Lead!

Obama is finally in the lead!

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McCain’s evil rantings and recent botch-up in accompanying Palin to the recent CBS interview with Katie Couric: , –must finally be coming back at him. This is of course, not to mention his unprecedented request to pull out of the presidential debates, though, from his inarticulate point of view, understandably so.

I personally think it’ll be a landslide election, and ABOUT TIME TOO!

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