Inverted Fascism: Democracy Doesn’t Work

How many lives is it costing us to live the way we live?

If it were certain or even reasonable to think that a more efficient way of life could save those lives, and if certain people are preventing that way of life from emerging, aren’t they then, murderers?

By eliminating the opposition of these people, through whatever means, are we not then acting in self-defense?

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One thought on “Inverted Fascism: Democracy Doesn’t Work

  1. Topple the tyrant, so that we may take their place? Sorry, but that only creates an endless cycle. Greed is the nature of man. Always thinking of himself, never secure with what he has, nor should he be, because all will eventually be lost in death. Take that poor man and give him more, and he will only insist on a greater share. Eventually he would become the one standing atop others to keep what he has for himself. No, what you seek to destroy is not a person or people, but an inherent flaw in the human condition.

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