America’s Assault on the Modern Woman

There are two strands of modern American feminism, all other categories seem to be variations of the following two:

1. Conservative Feminism–in which the national mainstream culture’s vision of sex is rejected and made conservative, hence any visual public disclosure of the female body, especially for money, is wrong, and in all cases, an example of male or otherwise, exploitation of women.

2. Liberal Feminism–where the national vision of sex for women is embraced (i.e. free love) and taken in to be a natural function and expression of femininity, even for money, in which the female is viewed as being in control of her life and sexuality, all examples of female public disclosure of her body is viewed as natural and as if she is in control.

Both these visions of the modern female are incorrect and have led to devastating results for American girls and women alike…Read More

2 thoughts on “America’s Assault on the Modern Woman

  1. I stumbled on this post while cyber loitering and started reading some of your other articles.
    I suggest, just for fun, going to Google images and typing in the words “nationality” and Women. For example French Women and look at the first page. The differences between the cultures are flagrant. The results are fascinating.
    Sometimes, if I see a pretty actress, I Google her images. It is interesting that, in most cases, for European actresses, there will be some very beautiful nudes done by a leading art photographer and unfortunately the paparazzi variety. However, in the case of US actresses there is only the later type.
    Take a look. Have some fun with it.

    • You’ve brought up a point that subjectivists like to tout around. That said, having been privy to several points of scientific views on this, are you sure? because look at those faces again. You’ll be able to pick out common denominators through the (yes) variability. The variables in whats being touted as ‘biological beauty’ tend to be: weight fluctuation (from era to era/culture mostly), height, things like poc marks or cellulite, details…The common elements tend to be: symmetry in virtuality all body parts, straight lined profiles (my own observation) waist to hip ratio for women (that I forget now). Anyway, I have a view that incorporates both the constancy ratio to variability and it feels like you are either-or-ing this a bit 😉

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