There is more to life than this: Meaning and State

When we say someone is ‘deep’ what are we really saying?

This colloquial nonsense is not really always nonsense actually, but half the time we say it in terms of what’s actually behind it, most certainly is.

We don’t really know half the time what we mean when we say something, we are usually actually just referring to a thing that we once knew had the answer. This is no different than how a computer system works: by means of a query. A query is often a server’s request made to a database to pull information, that is, a file or folder that matches a tag which is what the query is comprised of mostly.


Intelligence, in great part is actually a system of interacting queries that retrieve information and send it back us, and hence, we are able to imagine something. Take a memory for instance. Science, I don’t believe has really established if our memories are put together already in one place of our mind, or if our mind makes a database query in which many files and perhaps even folders or folders of folders are pulled and then assembled, disassembled an then reassembled on the fly, at will.

Most of my solid epiphanies come from the results of such queries. Usually at night, these requests are made to memories and these memories are so extremely vivid. But not always. And this is my real point: that half the time memories and things I imagine are not so vivid at all. In fact these things are most often dull. But why?

Because vividness is actually speed and character of composition in reassembling files and/or their components, and most of the time, I bet it’s more component assembly than that of files or folders.

Our minds are not always able to remember everything and on top of this is a whole complex method of reassembly that either happens or it doesn’t, or happens in varying degrees.

That is, most of the time my thoughts, that is, query requests travel at 65mph rather than 600. And that’s where I think is at the very least, much harder for people to do.

And I bet this is where biological predisposition comes in: most people are just not born with the default speed at 150mph, let alone, 600mph.

So really, in fact, state is more of a speed than of a set of characteristics. Because these characteristics are actually just the set of resultant visible things that the speed of query retrieves.

So when we say someone is ‘deep’ what we actually without knowing it, really what is behind it is this ability to put things together in our heads and the retrieval process mist be something like that of wading through murky ocean water since not only is it likened to this in movies and media etc., but also that this is because the process of thinking especially to do with distant memories has to do with a heterogeneous and configurational rather than linear or homogeneous one.

So, in terms of meaning, most don’t mean anything, most of the time, and only sometimes for  the deepest of us all. And in terms of thought, one is deep when one routinely crosses the threshold of more queries than most, to an extent past a line where most stop.

But this is all abstract, meaning a set of referral instructions inside a query. The so called literal reality of this has to do with chemicals taking actual pieces of info in whatever form science discovers them to be whether in the form of a a collection of inscribed patterns of scripts like in a computer by which electrical signals call upon other signals to put pieces together, or more simply: the items of info exist as whole files with the info actually contained in them…?

I lean toward the first since there is no way anything can actually be a thing, but is really a thing that is put together. For example, there is no whole tree image in our heads, there is only a series of numbers in which sets of instructions are comprised and then direct each item digitally. So reassembly on an unconscious physiological level is not merely piece by piece like we’d think of it, but digit by digit and /a matter of telling whole sets of information to go to different places.

So what is a deep person? It is someone who means things to a degree closer to authenticity than they merely refer to things. It is an individual who willfully recalls memories more often than most and more often than not.

In short, it is someone who literally, literally—travels deeper into his or her minds and reality more often than the rest of everyone else.

This, and all of the above is why mysticism is really just a short cut around thinking. Now more than ever I see this as true on the level of near-absolute certainty.

Mysticism is making up an imaginary reason for things that will or could be explained by reason and science.

Think of the cognitive process for example. Most of the things inside our heads, and the way psychology and cognition operate are way too complex for most to explain– and even difficult for the most educated of people.

So, its easier to call a bad vibe, a ‘bad vibe’ rather than dissecting what this is made of and asking questions to begin a journey into someone’s mind to find the actual things that are bugging them, let alone all the things that these are comprised of and/or lead to.

To most, mental pathways are suburban neighborhoods with dead end cul-de-sacs. But for some, for a select few, those pathways are advanced networks of superhighways and inter-domain related arteries and seemingly endless auto-capillaries of massive interrelation. The extent to which one interrelates is key. Because the extent to which one interrelates is the extent to which one integrates. Integration being the process of putting together as non-contradictory a model of reality as possible.

Most of the time, we don’t know what bothers us. It could be general stress, something that happened yesterday that we forgot about, but left the emotional imprint of.

Whenever I feel deep, I personally try to picture a party and at this party the lights are low, but there is candlelight all around. I picture someone I am talking to who wants to know the reasons behind things, and the reasons behind the reasons they find, each of them. –In short, to exist on a different level than we’re taught to be used to.

But there is another way, and I will make it my quest to figure out the internals of exactly everything this is literally comprised of. This and to teach others, how to reach this level if possible, and most importantly—why it is more rewarding than the passive consumer life they we are taught is the epitome of all there is.

When you don’t find yourself imagining all the consequences of what this means, you are probably most often disposed to thinking about a few things in terms of a things meaning, and…then that’s it—versus extrapolating all the consequences, at least the major ones (and there are always quite a few)—of what a thing will mean within the context of everything they know.

And this brings to mind another factor: the fact that all thoughts exist in a context and meaning is actually the set of distinguishing characteristics of what makes a thing unique. This is as opposed to having a free floating mind with scattered files and folders with redundant labels and instructions that are often called upon for any other purpose than work or play.

In conclusion, I know have a clear and distinct premise for establishing a method for rating how deep a person is, or in short, of how intelligent someone is, in this particular way. The metaphysical world is something now tangible like a table or chair for me to touch, rather than this vague sense of ‘well I do remember what it means…’ And so often this is why we so often ‘throw it (this world) away into the attic with the rest of the sensibility.

Concrete realization is what epiphany is—concrete realization.

Yes, now I see, eventually there will be a way to eliminate the philistine from biology and from the Earth, forever.

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