Dissolution of the Corporation back to the Individual as custom shop is now economic inevitability!

Dissolution of the Corporation back to the Individual as custom shop is now economic inevitability from Internet and eMedia, & related Tech. Retribalization is now and has been, a reality.

Not only will it be too costly to support centralized business structures, but the Internet, being inherently decentralist-in-depth via its ‘reflexive’ state and echo land, decentralization of National Authority and its corresponding ideology will be crushed under the boot-heel of all pervasive ‘INTRA-Networks’ which due to the new attempt of the Old Guard to keep its power-perch as I will call it–via the so-called ‘NET Tiering’ or the even more contemptible: NET NUETRALITY. –YOU’LL be SWALLOWED WHOLE! -The Internet (too bad there’s not a better name!) takes no prisoners, decentralization is INEVITABLE? WHY? Well, think of it this way: Could you imagine if back in the day in the early 1900’s when the automobile was new, if then you witnessed three or four companies that claimed that they ruled the entire country not to mention rule the world on the basis of something called a car? You’d laugh at em. Why?

Not cause there are no cars, the Model-T existed WAY back there in 1908. An: Cause there’s no FDR, no WW2, and no superhighways. These Corporations would be claiming to run themselves on nothing but small back roads or worse. Now imagine that the world no longer has roads. Cause guess what? -It doesn’t. The roads will become far too congested anyway, even in residential zones! IMagine taking 45 min to get a bagel every time you want coffee too? You won’t even eventually be able to get out of your neighborhood–ENTER the flying car! –YAY! Then, as everything becomes a highway oriented toward CUSTOM needs as I stated in many essays and rants in 1998.

Then Economic demand will be and IS BEING restructured to suit only individuals. Not to say we will become MORE individualistic–far from it–having to now live on what will become eventually geo-decentralized special interest groups for people who prefer physical interaction which will probably be around 60%-70% of the population.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GRID? Gone. The argument against decentralization and thinks Globalization means big Corps! -HAA nothing farther from the Ultimate Truth. The grid will give way after NET NEUTRALITY creates enough contention that people RISE! WHY? HOW?? INTRANETS will take over the Internet. THE FUTURE IS BUILT FOR THE TRAILER TRASH HICK, the decentralist fringe. We’ll all be overseeing massive yard sales in abandoned parking lots of endless rows of bankrupt Targets and now, slum-suburbia gone urban.

Why? Because the Corps have power only in Wonderland. Let me repeat that: The the Corporations have power, only in Wonderland. Get it? -OIL AND GRID ELECTRIC–GE! And Wonderland is the Grid. WONDERLAND IS THE GRID. DOWN WITH THE GRID! -MAN ALSO RISES! LET US SAY AN EVENING PRAYER TOWARD THE SUN! AND I SHALL HELP THEM. ALL OF US ARE NOW BUSINESS OWNERS. AND IF NOT: TRAMPLED. -I SHALL HELP THEM! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, SPLIT UP AND UNITE!