The New Conformity: The Modern Hipster

Conformists are people that fear social rejection to such a degree as to need to ‘fit in’ and by like the people they are in fear of being in rejection of, most. This leads to circles of tightly nit social groups that one can clearly spot displays the following variants of hipster, which today, having completely reversed its meaning, equals what used to be ‘square.’ Hipster, today means conformist. Most people I deal with happen to be hipsters, though no one seems to admit it. Here are a mock list of what I’ve picked up so far:

-They talk about themselves in some kind of 3rd person cute name as per girls.

-They use inside terminology as if everyone outside the loop also understood it. Or know this and use it as a way to fish so they can name drop it. Why do they do this otherwise? Cause they think ALL of reality IS their ‘scene.’

-Everything and anything always or at least 90% relates exclusively in terms of something THEY’VE said.

-They have more than one convenient excuse why they are into one or more currently trendy things to do- i.e. “That’s not why I do roller derby, I do derby because…”

-The absence of personal questions genuinely trying to ascertain what YOU meant in of what interests YOU. -This makes total sense, they have given up the ‘I’ for ‘we’ even more resolutely and soundly, with far more integrity than the most fanatical military officer in Nazi Germany. Personal identity is of no consequence to them because their main value and goal is to assimilate better and better for the sake of the group or whatever’s hip to them which could be a person, style, people, or physical objects, i.e. clothes.

-There is a never ending drivel-lottery of trivial things and events that comprise the rest of their lives. Again this is to reinforce the ‘group mind’ even when they exist in private (not a place they generally like to stay). So they surround themselves with distractions from their boredom and other little things that remind them of ‘their last show.’

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