She's Also a Slut for You $$$

How does polyamory work? And does it work?

The one thing that makes polyamory work is being in love. To the bone.

If you are not in love, passionately or do not think 100% of the time this is the primary man, woman or tranny etc., for me for the rest of my life, no questions asked, even and especially within yourself–don’t bother.

It took my fiancé and I 4 years to establish the kind of trust it took to make polyamory not about jealousy and more about compersion and what love is supposed to be about: actually caring about someone’s happiness enough to alter ones comfort zones and values, or world or fundamental views about what love Actually is in reality. We get jealous but we maintain healthy dating of others and retain no fundamental jealousy–because we know for 110% sure that we’d never leave each other for someone else. So what does that mean in reality? It means in our case, of infinite numbers of ways of doing it–that we practice ‘hierarchical’ polyamory which recognizes that humans can’t possibly (at least with the tech we have right now) complete another human person 100%. Ironic eh? That means that you can love someone 100% while not being completed by them to that same extent. It means that we love partners vertically with an order of importance, primary secondary, tertiary, etc. Or: What people of the altruistic judeo-christian variety have kept us in psycho amorous sexual slavery over for 2000 years and still won’t admit: Love is measurable.

In fact, falling suit with this, I believe polyamory is the standard metaphysically with human beings. 60% of. US marriages fail within the first four years. A fast growing 40% or so of the same population is being honest about wanting to love and fuck other people while maintaining healthy multiple, often even loving relationships–and therefore practices some form of an open relationship, if not polyamory which apparently has risen to 10% now in the US.

The numbers of honest people are continuing to rise. Eventually everyone will be connected. 😉


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