ERWACHE. Out As eBook and Paperback!

ERWACHE. Out As eBook and Paperback!

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE EBOOK $2.99 (6 Chapters, 200 + Pages Great Short Story!

Camille Linderen would sooner rush to close a door on an old woman than even think to help her. She uses boys, trannies and other girls alike for sex and favors and locks handicapped people in their bathroom stalls. Don’t bring her home to the father-in-law, she might try and tempt him to leave his wife, then drop him. For kicks.

ERWACHE is 6 of the 28 Chapters of the Full-Length (apprx. 740 Pages) NOVEL VESPER HELIOTROPIC BOOK I. CRYSTAL TURBINES. This ‘Excerpt-Short Story Involves ‘Lord Darbosol,’ the insane ‘Lord’ who kills women and girls and stores them inside ever-moving industrial washing machines. Camille leads her own life back home in the good ol’ Fairview High, Heliotropes…Read More Inside!


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