Earth to Neal: Anger and Its Validity vs. Irreconcilable Emotions

What do you do with valid anger?

First thing to note: I now realize that it is very necessary not to indulge to far into the culture’s idea of psychology being that it is borne and is filtering reality mostly via subjective social conventions on every level, virtually. (I’m not trouncing science, just some science today. And, this is also despite its validity in many areas of course.)

This is what I’ve discovered most:

– I realize that there are emotions that are valid as well as irreconcilable. –

Before today, at least on this level, I thought very ambiguously on my own conclusion over this more than I would have liked. I also failed to make a crucial distinction and be aware of emotions that can’t understand the complexity of certain parts of reality.

Why? Two things primarily.

1. The belief that rationally checked emotions are built to reflect reality and do if used properly.

2. Emotions are always there to tell us what’s good and bad for us.

3. Most of my emotional responses have been at least consistent enough to make me happy in striving for nothing less than enlightened selfish greed.

First, I must note that #3 has always been the resting point and safety net for my own ego.

Secondly I think we must ask:

What do you get when you put these three together? Answer: The conclusion that since emotions are another tool to work in tandem with our conscious mind to arrive at rationality as to what is the good, hence, what values and virtues to obtain and or keep, plus–course of action.

So what’s the problem with this?


What happens when #1 is missing some vital yet small part of the picture? Answer: Yeh, I’ll tell you–Complete Disaster.

What happens when #2 isn’t the case because of the exception that some things leave a good taste in your mouth. i.e. I’m sure there are many poisons that probably taste good. Answer: Yeh, I’ll tell you–You die.

The second one is something that plays in I think less than the first in terms of my struggle here. The third, I’ve already mentioned.

All in all, my struggle in this case has to do with people, being far less advanced than I, (in the sense and respect I am defining) actually constitute a different ‘era’ and ‘place,’ entirely. I must hold to this. This also means by direct implication, that in many fundamental ways, I would be some form of white trash retard-psuedo philosopher-ghetto-punk-fuck-up-kid if it weren’t for the friends and family that raised me. The complexity to this is that even as a fuck up my socio-personal-philosophical awareness extends far past the same majority.

I see intelligence lurking like a silent Taliban wife in the background of waring emotions and convoluted half baked or less baked conclusions from most people. (I see it most in people (that I know personally) that are from more disadvantages backgrounds than I. I see it even more in people that are from more philosophically disadvantaged backgrounds.)

In other words, we are not and far from, all equal. Like some people are probably no different than animals, though of course that’s complete speculation at this point in my development.

I added this misanthropy to the situation, my ideas, then proceeded to justify it in saying that man is metaphysically neutral-good (yes, it’s a also a Dungeons and Dragons ‘Alignment’ 🙂 but man is also temporally (in this ‘world’) – for the most part, light years behind and mostly evil. Evil in this sense I must be vigilant to remind that it is means not what you might be thinking but more, is purely a term to designate what is the bad to a person, the malevolent.

In short, people in this country, in my culture and pretty much in the world I’ve known at large, pretty bad for me. Like 90% at the very least. This is despite how complex it is cause people have so many good things about them despite so many of their awful choices, beliefs, biological predispositions, etc.

To myself, and officially I made the conclusion that I would remain angry because emotions are there after to tell us who are friends should be, and what things to trust as well check back with one’s mind vigilantly, and I’ll be fine. Nop. Just a bitter person I’ve realized and like always, head first, and the best way: the hard way.

I mean, what does one do when one realizes that most people are at the very least, incommunicable on most levels that matter to a person?

I will say this as to a practice I would be testing out nowadays:

Premise of Action: When there are different ‘worlds’ involved in any conflictt, that is, two in some ways, incommensurable, in most ways, mutually exclusive beliefs–one’s rational emotional responses to such a situation are null and void. They have no currency because there are two completely different languages involved with different definitions.

That is all I have to say right now.


2 thoughts on “Earth to Neal: Anger and Its Validity vs. Irreconcilable Emotions

  1. The solitude and difficulty in agreeing with others is just the challenging disadvantage of of creative or logical\philisophical intellectual giftedness when it comes to the dissatisfaction you describe. I tend to see things as tragic. If people really had the power to act intelligently, they would. It might sound silly, but when that frustration hits, i think of this song by the wonderful mr rogers. And I am reminded of both my responsibility and my choices:

    • Oh, totally. You know I read a book called “Mr. Rogers Talks with Parents,” ? Good read actually. I think the particular philosophy that I am going for, is a bit on the brutal side as far as managing one’s emotions I must point out…

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