The new mind is Total.

The Immersion into Total perspectives is the new way of interacting. i.e. rather than a superfluous view. This will inevitably give stupid people a run for their money into a claim to membership in society. They will conform or be crushed.

The TV, in its later days, gave us Empire and centralization. The Internet has given us a total window in which all flaws are revealed to a person, (there being less and less privacy) and participation over conclusion, is being hailed.

This is the why in this equation. A total window in which eyes being online behavior probes more than it proceeds and often meanders. One can find a racist blog, say by a politician, then the next day read commentary or an article about how great they are. Echochambers of course make this more complex, but total views and social psychology of total approaches to individuals that will begin searching and end by searching themselves. This will all happen gradually and in fits and starts in certain places with groups of people in ‘secession.’


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