Altruism is Bunk: Keywords are Not Social

Keywords are neutral. Not social. And they are the backbone of the Net.

And yet the buzz about the Net today, is called, a ‘Social Media Revolution.’

Only on a social level does this exist, which, I’ll admit, is profound. In an entirely new way. That is not my discussion here, however.

Every notice how new tech like a laptop is called a book? Or how the Model-T looked more like a horse and buggy? Ever notice how old attitudes like conformity get supplanted conveniently onto new media? Marshall McLuhan called this ‘The Rear View Mirror.’ I call it inefficiency.

In the former mixed economy, spearheaded by a roughshod capitalism, virulent liberalism, and an anti-intellectual or philistine political apparatus bent on big business called, the Republicans–defined an age where sociality was everything.


Because you could lose your ‘job’ and unlike a more rational country such as France where at least you have next to free healthcare, we really have to kiss our bosses ass to get ahead and what is more often, just to maintain. It was a system of liars and cowards called our Moms and Dads. We should never make the mistake of ever forgiving this cowardice. Not in this sense.

And now they, the old media mongers of the Industrial Age would like to extend the old system onto the new, that same mass-market (vs niche) mentality bound by the linear assembly line, onto the non-linear Internet. Kinda like how Net-Neutrality is anything but what it says it is, so too–the hip web savvy dude or gal is expected to smooth things over to no end in order to obtain FB friends and blog lists with the ostense it will ‘improve your business.’ Uck. Small businesses are thrown into slots where they’re sold anti-virus software that the computers were conveniently predisposed to in the first place, by the very manufacturers of computers themselves. Meanwhile Google makes it all free, putting their big fucking middle finger up to the old era.

The Advertisers will tell you that this will ‘get you ahead and make you web savvy.’ But it is really only to make you maintain what you already have. Starting to see a pattern emerging here?

They are lying to you to sell you shit you don’t need. Kinda like how Art schools and Art stores sell art supplies to no end, meanwhile Artists, the people who use these materials the most, are out of money and often struggling. This is the Industrial mentality–push push push-maintain-reinvent-conform. Are you starting to see how this is a contradictory cycle? All to maintain, yes maintain what?

Answer: The Status Quo, the backbone of getting you to buy more stuff, the backbone of the OLD social age where individuals are atomized inside a massive hegemony called the homogenous consumer culture. The Web is NOT about homogeny but hetero-geniality.

Ultimately the Net will be anything but social in the end. And perhaps even in the beginning.

And now they, yes, the they, being the old Industrial major corporations i.e. Shell and Microsoft, invented something called the modern liberal to carry out their more subtle and demoralizing campaigns of conformity. It will be a wonder if the GOP survives even the first half of this century.

Keywords are a curtain, not a popularity contest. You put up high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords with Low competitiveness on Google Adwords with a low number of searches per month, and voila–you’ve got visitors. It’s a curtain and behind the scenes is not what matters, only what is being seen. You could be the worlds biggest hermit sitting on top a snowy mountain above the wilderness of the South Pacific and if you know how to manipulate key phrases and keyword niches and are even remotely entertaining, people will not come to (as is the popular notion) but end-up, on your site. The Net is really a filter, not a popularity machine.

You can go on thinking that though. All the better for me and my ilk. I hear things like “You better be careful what you say on the Net or FB.” The only reason the ‘things we say’ are or could be a danger to our profits or well being, is BECAUSE of that very conformist mentality that sets up the social structure that makes that feedback loop possible. Shame to those who try to reassert this code. Ignorance is not an excuse here, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

All the hype about the dangers of posting online is built for the 9-5 world, which the Net renders obsolete, so of course its going to destroy the very fabric of that structure, itself. Polishing brass on the Titanic if you think corporate jobs are the future. Woe unto you. All the social hype ‘The Ever New Advancing SOCIAL MEDIA” amounts to nothing but a hectoring old maid telling you to “think about the Jones’ next door.” And if you want the Net to be anything but a gossip rag reality show stage, then change up your thinking regarding the so-called ‘Social Media.’

You better watch out or the big brother called ‘small business’ or some fucking dweeb blogger might snitch on you…”Didn’t you know Facebook has 500 million followers?” Translation: “Be afraid.”

All this is not meant to get across what’s on the face of it, but a confession of conformity and fear.

Go to Google Adwords, search Keyword niches, forget about everyone else, keywords require mental brainstorming, no matter how cranked out you are. It is really predominantly the thinkers, the brainstormers, the logicians and the artists, that rule today and tomorrow.

‘We’ aren’t happy with a world that stabbed everyone in the back for a better seat in a global cafeteria. My own motive in this sense is only revenge. My aim is not to forgive those who have trespassed on human decency, not to contain them, not to study, but to wipe them out. The Republicans especially, then the liberal ideology. Not to be social, but to be an individual.


Objective Philosophy is a place for people who believe that philosophy, as a fundamentally non-contradictory system– is attainable to man, and that man is able to sustain and operate this system competently to achieve a better way of life. It is for those who accept that knowledge ought not to be a...Read More at Objective


FIDEL CASTRO stuck his big middle finger up at us when (see Scarface) he told the US he was letting relatives integrate with their families and oh the humanity. But they should have known the fighting spirit of FIDEL, who snuck in around what was it 100,000 refugees, 25,000 of which were not political criminals.

But we cannot feel too sorry for our beaten pussy ass US Gov. – As Noam Chomsky, (our latent modern Orwellian Goldstein) from out of “Hegemony or Survival,” says: “The United States is the leading terrorist State.”

On a literal level this is true, not on a political one, funny enough, necessarily.

We need to show people by devil’s advocacy, how the US, the water we swim in, is operating in a conspiracy to put the American people into slavery, (mission accomplished in the 9 to 5 workplace)  a long time achievement to quell protest for the United States Government working in tandem with the top trans-nation corporations.

What I admire about Fidel is his tenacity, resilience, charismatic authority (see Hitler, by Ian Kershaw) and the fact that he took to heart a tenet of mine: “The Gods give their love only to those that demand the impossible.” Think of ONE US president besides the biggies that would have been able to possess the ‘charismatic authority,’ organization and spirit that Fidel marshaled of 228 men that took a country overrun by Havana US business and the mob. See Godfather two and Scarface. Godfather IIScarface