f ac ebook & Intellectual dating

…& the conceptual age.

Our lives have been inexorably changed. F ac ebook searches better with more results, spelled this way. This is the mark, that signifying element in our psyche, that a paradigm has changed. J.P. Guilford had a theory about what he called (and what many businesses adopted since) – ‘Divergent Thinking.’ He divided thought or intelligence into two parts. Divergent and Convergent. Divergent goes from one point out, convergent, from multiple points inward. In abstract thought like forming the concept ‘political system’ it uses both with a primary focus of right brain-TO-left with right as the origin in my theory.

Recently I came across a book at Barnes & Nobles titled: “A Whole New Mind” Or something like that. Link here:

From the article:

— “Pink, a former chief speechwriter for former Vice President Al Gore, presents a convincing argument that our country is entering a new era — the so-called conceptual age — during which right-brained skills such as design and storytelling will become far more crucial than traditionally left-brained skills such as accounting and computer programming.” —

It was as if I were reading straight from one of my own blogs. But why is this true?

I will package it up neatly this time into an initially loose hypothesis:

1. Divergent THINKING & KEYWORDS: The backbone of the internet is keywords. Why is this non-linear and divergent? Because keywords relate in terms of how people search in a heterogeneous environment, it’s called the Internet. Think of a suburban planned community. Then think of the streets of New York City. Which one has the power to relate anything to anything else, instantly? WHich one does not?

2. Right brained equals all points simultaneously viewable, like standing in the middle of The National Gallery of Art, Modern wing in D.C. -As WIRED has said: “Secrets are at the same time, the Internet’s true forty..” (Paraphrased) The Net is both hetero and homo. It is a replica of how the brain behaves and we are living in it. Those who think from all points simultaneously (coff coff) i.e. ARTISTS and CREATIVE INTELLCTUALS.

3. Conceptual thought. Concepts are integrated units that are by nature, abstract. So is the Net. Big time. Think of an assembly line. Then think of a train track. Then think of a highway. Which one subsumes the most decentralized frenetic activity? Which the most linear? Concepts, esp abstract concepts like “Freedom” “Love” and “American Women,;)” are totally non-linear in their formation. (concept formation)

4. Dating portal s have become a mainstay and increased sexual activity in a safe, divergent structure. Just like how the right brain works, one of the Net’s prized media today is the dating site or ‘dating portal.’ Think about micro-organisms running around a maze. Think about how people would look if an office building’s top were taken off and you could see the top floor functioning? How would people move? Now do the same thing to what dating would look like in that same projected analogy. Intellectual dating is another story, but combines both right and left brained with dominance, again, going to the right! πŸ™‚

I call the new mind: “The Abstract Synthetic Mind.” Adolf Hitler had it. Ayn Rand had it, so did Van Gogh. ALL artists. All abstract thinkers.

That’s it, there are only 4 reasons. πŸ˜‰

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