FIDEL CASTRO stuck his big middle finger up at us when (see Scarface) he told the US he was letting relatives integrate with their families and oh the humanity. But they should have known the fighting spirit of FIDEL, who snuck in around what was it 100,000 refugees, 25,000 of which were not political criminals.

But we cannot feel too sorry for our beaten pussy ass US Gov. – As Noam Chomsky, (our latent modern Orwellian Goldstein) from out of “Hegemony or Survival,” says: “The United States is the leading terrorist State.”

On a literal level this is true, not on a political one, funny enough, necessarily.

We need to show people by devil’s advocacy, how the US, the water we swim in, is operating in a conspiracy to put the American people into slavery, (mission accomplished in the 9 to 5 workplace)  a long time achievement to quell protest for the United States Government working in tandem with the top trans-nation corporations.

What I admire about Fidel is his tenacity, resilience, charismatic authority (see Hitler, by Ian Kershaw) and the fact that he took to heart a tenet of mine: “The Gods give their love only to those that demand the impossible.” Think of ONE US president besides the biggies that would have been able to possess the ‘charismatic authority,’ organization and spirit that Fidel marshaled of 228 men that took a country overrun by Havana US business and the mob. See Godfather two and Scarface. Godfather IIScarface


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