Some Rules For Playing the Stocks in the Not So Distant Future

1. Technical companies offering jobs in exchange for specialized labor, is on its way out, non-specialism in the form of do-alls, artists, thinkers, inventors and computer wiz’s, is in.

2. College and Universities are bunk, and Education is nothing but class war. Well, the class war thing is already well on its way, but the, what will become, a national scandal over what universities have been doing to kids and their parents, will be revealed very quickly. The reputation of higher education in general will yield itself identical to the trust lost in our government since Vietnam.

3. Right brained is in, left, out. Geeks are in now, but right brainers who can use their intuition based conscious logic will neither create solutions nor solve problems so much as brainstorm and invent.

4. The country is on the brink of decentralized force, being the result of the politically stunned apparatus of Law – i.e. Militia groups like some sects of extreme Tea Partiers – I predict the left will have a backlash and grow a brow. This means that localized mass abundancy i.e. Wallmart will be in vogue to some great degree in terms of produce and groceries. Meanwhile most malls fall into abandonment or become strip malls for the new nomads.

5. The highways are going to become stop ways, junctured at every point in the end where superhighways are meant solely for Internet travel while residential zones undergo gridlock. This means that the Howard Johnson style diner ‘points’ along the very local-identity-way, will become quite a cultural blogging and blogging axis and cultural insignia of decentralization in general.

6. Possible: The Republican party is disbanded and/or completely re-invented.

7. In-sourced labor. Your grandma will be making retro-fitted rims and possibly bomb parts for domestic terrorists. In other words, cars won’t be in demand, but ripped limb from limb for spare parts while the new products will mostly be made here in our own countries.

8. The fall of Puritan America. Sex will become a culturally integrated phenomenon to the point of women being identical to men in drive and form. The exposure to sex on this scale such as already seen on or in the New Art Porn will become cultural reality. Underage sex will start at 12 on average and kids will continue to medevalize into little adults. Slut is the new vogue, forever. Women have lost the US as their matriarchal reality while men lose their patriarchy.

To be continued in millions of on-going blogs…


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