Last Minute Shopping Ideas? – How about an Artist’s Work? 30% OFF!

What could be more original than an original oil painting or print, from an independent artist?

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: UNTIL Jan 1 2012 – I am offering a discount code included in this email (as well as on respective sites in select groups of mine) that entitles you to do some 30% OFF custom gift shopping.

Unlike every other kind of gift you’ll find at the mall or even online these days, art is always a totally unique gift that someone can’t argue over quality on…Being how art is akin to beauty and all that jazz 😉 Not to mention a one-of-a-kind luxury product!

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Reproductions also available
under discount code.

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The three links you see before you are to my gallery-shopping mall and cart. Choose a piece of art, and go through the shopping process and enter the code upon checkout… 🙂

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