Our first real dinner together was in Paris.

Our first real dinner together was in Paris.

Never was I thinking in any experiential way ‘this is going to be something I’ll be writing about when I’m 33.’

I was thinking the words though. I tipped the waiter 20% after I made him angry to the point of noticeable aggravation. he growled at me. Growled. At night, it was I think midnight, just 10 minutes before they closed. An Asian restaurant of some kind, right there off Montparnasse it seemed. god everything in Paris is beautiful, the streets of steam…like New York…the urine aromaed subways. I miss it all.

I tipped the waiter 15%. Actually. Thought he would spit in my food. Hell, I thought he’d spit at me, taking our order. All along, I insisted, every step, never flinching. I fell in love with her there. She’d said I’d looked sensual when I eat. Ha. The Asian manager, (the Mom, no doubt, running the show) made the boy (no doubt her son) actually take our order. I felt not an inch guilty for insisting on living in the city of light.

I remember a Mexcian restaurant I worked at. There was a mustached man, looked ilke a lumberjack, 60 something years old. Working the decent upscale Tex-Mex. He agreed about the women in Paris. I knew one. I loved one. I knew that she wasn’t a sandwich. But higher math. Maybe not just cavier. Said I looked sexy when I ate. How European.

For the upright suburban boy.


– Copyright © Neal Cormier 2011 All Rights Reserved –

Neal Cormier is an artist and writer originally from the Washington D.C. area.
– www.NealCormier.com – His concentration is visual art–especially oil painting and graphic novel illustration.

He is also an up and coming fiction writer, of which Vesper Heliotropic is his first full length novel publication with Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (eBooks) and Lulu Inc. (for paperback & hardcover) Neal recently had a showing at National Airport in Arlington, VA (March 11 – June 25 in Terminal A). He also, and even more recently, had a first book signing for Vesper Heliotropic at The Midtown Scholar, a local hipster style bookstore in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

Neal has sold a variety of pieces to clients from around the world. His artwork has been shown in cafés, bars and galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., Paris and Alençon, France.

After high school, Neal attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and spent four years living in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. He moved to France after this, and spent roughly about the same length of time in the region of Basse-Normandie, northern France. As a result, he speaks French and has a (tall) 9 year old daughter, Lili. He now resides back home in Crystal City, Virginia with his fiancé, Kristin.

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