SEO will ultimately end marketing.

SPRINGFIELD MALL, Springfield, Virginia (Literally Half Abandoned)

SPRINGFIELD MALL, Springfield, Virginia (Literally Half Abandoned)

For now, we think of search engine optimization as the science of bringing quality content to users by means of greater and greater improved search engine ‘visibility,’ and website architectural as well as keyword niche efficiency. But, what is the metaphysical (philosophy) sense of this? That is, the logical end of SEO?

I remember seeing Chat Roullette and saying in a flash over to my fiancé, Kristin, “This will be the beginning of the end of marketing.”

Well, CR is not yet that, though I will say its interface is just beginning to catch up to WordPress or Blogging/CMS standards. I.e. They have tagging and titles along with what appears to be a generic, but better UI.

Despite this, the so-called Social Media sites are taking marketing to ‘another level.’ Everyone seems so hyped up to say that, but curiously don’t seem to care why.

Well, why is it that social media sites are taking the Web, blogging, and marketing to new stage in developing the arts themselves…?

Answer: Because the end result of technology is always automation and the end result of all social models is conformity to a set of standards which through life can pass.

Yes, philosophy does matter to the Web. Standards through which life pass are essentially ethics but express themselves in terms of culture. Cultures tend very highly to orient themselves into groups. But groups organized by what?

During the Middle Ages in Europe, the stirrup (as Marshall McLuhan points out in The Global Village) ended the reign of the sword, putting to rest the knight’s existence as a more help-dependant or Squire dependent military unit. This along with Japanese firework powder made military orientation lead to the advent of the gun and of course, the end of the sword, along with it, hand to hand combat as primary infantry method on planet Earth.

In the same way, SEO will put an end not to traditional marketing, but marketing itself essentially because it flattens transactions and closes the gap between user or buyer and proprietor in a new way.

  1. Automation – Remember HTML? What was its primary function? To display web pages in a page-like layout. What is HTML5’s primary philosophical (meaning web) premise? Answer: To optimize and streamline for video and social media. HTML along with every other technology has become a semantic tool, meaning living in a moving fashion. Remember having to learn a backend language for real? Now it’s WordPress and Drupal. Not to say coding isn’t where the tech and money is at, but it won’t be for much longer. RSS, CMS, Blogging, and Keyword Orientation has transformed all of our processes. As the web closes the gap on users and business owners, the need to look hard to sell becomes obsolete.

  1. Semantic Web & Infancy of Social Right Brain Dominance – Keyword Niches and Intelligent browsers and browsing is where the curve is. Recombining elements is the essence of creativity and that is also the essence of SEO, bridging the gap between producer and user by means of the progressively precise fine tuning of his or her interests. Notice I said progressively. What SEO looks like now and what it will look like 5 years from now are six different things. It will be pretty common in 2017 to have people refer to hear people refer to what scent or fragrance would go well with their blog. It will also be common to see image and speech intelligence as premium. Text will be subordinate more and more as people can speak their searches along with hearing them being echoed back in terms of Minority Report or Vesper HelioTropic style 3D arrays hooked up to your Kinect. Yeah.

  1. Year by year more and more are connected. This is the phrase of an outdated, confused old era. The new slogan will read “Year by year, more are integrated. Or should read. The computer has always been the great integrator and SEO is the new manifestation or infant which later will probably be automated. SEO will become a simple yet long list of preferences through which Google’s dynamic semantic-AI run database processing system will coordinate all the possibilities of where your ad could appear in terms of FAR more info than we’d consider now. Imagine doing a search for your name and seeing an ad for a colonge you mentioned over mobile text and mobile text alone? Imagine when SEO extends into what you say and maybe we’ll be watching our mouths more. See SOPA:

  1. Web Semantics Trumps Social Media – Right now words are the new ‘units’ of consumption. But in 2017, these will be smells, tastes, pics from your retinal cam (yep!), and Google Goggles intelligence. Semantics is refering to words that are basically just acting as tags to combine into unique niches. Think marketing was spread out enough already. The modern consumer of 2017 will have a lot more and a lot less to think about. She or he will be worried about how to make their unique impression and unique skills in order to produce enough revenue to quit their necessarily low paying day jobs. Cause all 9-5’s will be evaporating into personal collectives of ‘Followers.’

  1. Followers Yield Special Interest Groups. The modern person in 2017 will be trying to create and fit in at the same time. No longer the two dimensional life of consumers and producers. Now everyone is both. The modern guy or gal will be hooked up with a person far better than either of them would dare to dream possible through roulette-like SEO site integrations and before college we will likely have a far better idea of what we want to do in life. Not like college will have half the draw it does now once personal ‘imprints’ generate revenue for a good number of people. The long and the short of this is that we will be buying each other’s products more and more as we buy pretty much only our staples, food, bedding, housing etc. Through online, yes, but more traditional outlets.

The man and woman’s social reality in 2025 will be the beginnings of true tribalism in America and the western world.

We will wonder why we continued to limit our buying patterns to a few names we trusted? When our apartments are furnished by our ‘local-network’ ‘Meubles Afficionado.’ Imagine living in a town geographically settling out of an online network. Imagine getting your groceries delivered to you by an artist who is living off the revenue of web performances and the local cafe has crushed its local Starbucks where each Facebook like means another $5 or $10 in the bank. Where the work of a commute is gone and you are now a pedestrian. Where the bicycle is now more used than the automobile. Where you have a 30 hour work week with a bit of homework.

Where you and your audience are not merely one, but symbiotic to each other in a feedback loop where money is taken for granted, something software takes care of generating while living and publicizing our lives is now the same thing.


– Copyright © Neal Cormier 2011 All Rights Reserved –

Neal Cormier is an artist and writer originally from the Washington D.C. area.

– – His concentration is visual art–especially oil painting and graphic novel illustration.

He is also an up and coming fiction writer, of which Vesper Heliotropic is his first full length novel publication with Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (eBooks) and Lulu Inc. (for paperback & hardcover) Neal recently had a showing at National Airport in Arlington, VA (March 11 – June 25 in Terminal A). He also, and even more recently, had a first book signing for Vesper Heliotropic at The Midtown Scholar, a local hipster style bookstore in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

Neal has sold a variety of pieces to clients from around the world. His artwork has been shown in cafés, bars and galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., Paris and Alençon, France.

After high school, Neal attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and spent four years living in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. He moved to France after this, and spent roughly about the same length of time in the region of Basse-Normandie, northern France. As a result, he speaks French and has a (tall) 9 year old daughter, Lili. He now resides back home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his fiancé, Kristin.

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– Vesper Heliotropic is a general teen/adult sci-fi ebook, paperback and hardcover, and is a Steampunk(ish) serial novel. The first written publication is OUT NOW VIA on PAPERBACK and SPECIAL-JACKETED HARDCOVER, and is available for THE AMAZON KINDLE as well as BARNES AND NOBLES NOOK EBOOKS. VESPER HELIOTROPIC, THE CRYSTAL TURBINES SERIES GRAPHIC NOVEL IS ALSO OUT NOW ON FULL COLOR GLOSSY PAPERBACK! 46 Pages Full Color Interior and Exterior – ONLY $19.99! –
Vesper Heliotropic Book I. CRYSTAL TURBINES by Neal Aaron Cormier is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
Vesper Heliotropic Book I. CRYSTAL TURBINES © Copyright 2011 Neal Cormier All Rights Reserved
Visit the Author’s Website – Neal Cormier Art

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