American Circles

A catch 22 in my def is when the the result of the origin, self perpetuates the former. 

i.e. Girls wait for guys to contact them in this country, always. 

Why? Because guys always want it and girls know they’ll wait for them.  

Why? Cause they’re sexually repressed. 

Why? Cause girls mothers and fathers protect them too hard in this country while ads slam their self esteem back to the stone age. 

Guys, in turn, think of girls as commodities, and in turn, sluts. This makes the opposite dichotomous which leads to either-or style personalities i.e.– Virgin Mary’s. 

Which in turn, then makes for fewer women to give guys sex, which they need. Which then makes guys aggressive and angry. Which, in turn, makes girls think guys are assholes. And they end up that way. Both sexes do. 

Fuck America. Too bad I  love it too much, in some ways, it’s the best we got, but man…

Such is still the American dating conundrum.