Mon Premier Benefice.

I think more than anything in the world, I wish to evoke in people, that is, within themselves, the sense of rapture in the song of life, the human drama; the idea of being alive. 

The modern world is accepted on the blanket of the nanny state and complacency of stuff. We keep repackaging it and expect it to get better somehow. It’s still just stuff. 

My goal more than ever is to influence people to treat their own rapture and bliss as the highest priority in their lives, and that this, in the end trumps attempts at infinitely securing mere survival–that is, the physical state is worth risking and even sacrificing for, on behalf of the mental state. Not the other way around as every existing culture would have you believe.

The latter cannot ultimately come first, but in the immediate, can be for sure, and often is by necessity. 

The reason we are in love with Zombie movies has very little to do with the given: good marketing, and more to do with our Narcissus Narcosis and OCD fidgeting.

Why? Because we are the zombies. Not them.

Whoever the ‘the they’ is at a given place and time. 


Note to Self – Probe 451 – Ramblings on The New Marketing

I’m too far ahead, as usual. Not a blessing in this case, need to profit guerrilla style.

Fragmentation of media preference will precede integration of communities into geo-magnetized self interest. The latter, is for later. That’s my realization today.

Example: Supermarkets are increasingly offering benefits for being a “card member” more custom orientation or least rather, the embryonic state of one. Conversely, supermarket style Portals are taking over and replacing websites with “presences.” This will continue to be abstract and the way to take advantage of such a market, is at first here, specialization of content toward niche audience, while that audience undergoes the numb state. This passivity can be taken advantage of per niche as we have seen with the traditional advertisers get “on in it.” MTV and Sony are such realizations. But they lack. They lack the sense. 

This is the sense. This is the future: Horizontalization and fragmentation lead to reintegration of culture into niches across the world. These niches in their reintegration process will reject traditional modes of awareness i.e. Nike “Just Do It,” and “Support Our Troops.”

In a nutshell: Target communities via their own special interests via Google Ad Words and AdSense to hone in on the “Halo” of their commute and day. Fill their day, with YOURSELF. Keep in mind that the country is and forever now will be, on the verge of civil war. Just another note to self–fragmentation of culture has its breaking point, and margins may be nowhere, but there are seams everywhere.


Heterogeniality Trumps Mass Marketing

The reason it is now possible to be a gem in any market and yet, one of a kind, in the midst of so much white noise and low quality, yet still a gem without your own marketing context—is the same reason that an unattractive girl can now happen to on a hot guy and bag him!

– The context is now no longer mass marketing, but hyper-niche, custom to the point where big corporations will only exist as automations.

Consider the implications for Web:

1. Gone is the website, enter the Web Portal.

2. Gone is the single site, enter Portal Strings (my own term)

3. Decentralization and Fragmentation of Marketing on all levels: meaning hetero- genial appeal and customization of individual consumers as producer-consumers.