Vesper Heliotropic Dystopian Sci-Fi Graphic Novel (Excerpt)

2. the house

RD AUTO Message: 1064, Sun 4, Octobre 2089 – Washington D.C. Off-Line USC-CAMBIAN City Territory: ‘CAMBIAN CITY’ |

It was a dark blue nighttime.

18-064 Rhode Island Ave stood like a beaten-in jack-o-lantern.

Hazy rafters of nauseated yellow light shot from the long vertical windows of tall row house doors that seemed to hang more than stand. They loomed over the short concrete porch adjoining the next house over.

She thought she’d been climbing up steps only to realize they were nothing but a series of crumbling stones. There was a loud hard clap from somewhere near and the air drizzled light beads of rain and

poked with cold stabs.

…Read More of the Graphic Novel: Vesper Heliotropic, The Crystal Turbines Series Issue #1, Here…!


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