Our Country is Lost.

“Bye bye Miss American pie.”

We are finally experiencing the end of The Enlightenment, and the bitter end of Nationalism.

As Noam Chomsky points out, for instance, “we are very much in the same position Germany was in 1933. People are alienated, atomized and powerless…”

I would add that we also will possess the anger over a forgotten nationalism, as Germany did. That will be revived. Just by whom is the question, and rather than getting a Hitler, which would at least feel vindicating, we get the transnational corporations that have destroyed the old republic, our true democracy.

In Germany in the early 1930’s you could walk into a café, but you would pay a different price for coffee than was on the menu, upon leaving because prices changed every minute. This has not happened yet, but it will unless the liberals completely take over, which I don’t see happening.

We are indeed on the verge of possible hyper inflation, rising threat of serious depression, and to boot, the echo chambers that the internet fragments and decentralizes us into, has polarized point of view to the point where as McLuhan has said, “there will be a day when politics is imagery.”

That day has come.

The Democratic process is halted, stunned, and illusionary. Our country, finally is lost.

America has fallen.

One thing is clear by the reactions to the debate last night: there is no more country; there is no more United States of America.

It was painfully clear that Obama had won the debate with flying colors and that Romney is just a puppet head spouting generalities and catch phrases. Most of Obama’s answers were beyond direct. Even MSNBC had republican spin doctors to throw the concentration back to the republican argument i.e. Lybia of all things and the Rose Garden, since that seemed to be Romney’s most consistent argument.

Obama is a complete moderate and he is being attacked as a radical, when Romney who achieved “socialistic” health care identical to Obama’s in Massachusetts, is deemed middle of the road. The fact that Romney has not been required to drop out of the race for utter hypocrisy is Treason of the highest order.

Yes, he’s had to compromise on immigration and certain other things, but my God, the liberals fail once again to defend themselves, and passivity is worse than the perpetrator in many ways. The President was completely presidential, reacting with bullet point answers to real questions. And yet the debate is still tied. If the liberals would do their jobs keeping an eye on facts in a realer way that has actual teeth to it, we wouldn’t have this insanity.

I do not accept the liberal’s failure to defend our country. If you are a Republican and will vote for Romney, take yourself off my follow list, I am purging every one of my Republican friends from my life forever. This may seem “extremist” yet who has taught you this buzzword? The corporate agenda supported by their personally purchased party, the Republicans.

If you cannot see that Romney has no arguments and is nothing but a corporate rich man puppet out for nothing but personal gain, it as Jefferson says–is time to abandon the democratic process in favor of the hills. It is time ladies and gentlemen.

It is time.

7 thoughts on “Our Country is Lost.

  1. I agree re: Romney spouting cliches. It irked me that he provided very little substance to his claims. I mean, HOW are you going to implement this or that? He just kept repeating “we’re going to bring jobs to America” over and over again. Sadly, that’s all most voters need to be convinced.

  2. Sadly indeed. And that is why the American People are also to be held responsible for the utter failure in our Nation as well. Then again, the average person does not have much power, those with real money do, and need to come forward. As per what you say here, Romney was scared, hands down, he did not have the quick wit nor the better ideas the President does. Its also hard to struggle between the hardlined ideologues of the Republicans and his more liberal past, both of which are irreconcilable with each other. The President was strong, and liberals need to promote that heavily, not prattle and whine.

  3. Awesome post! I feel your pain. I should leave a more substantive response than that but frankly the last bit left me laughing hysterically, while simultaneously pondering the need to head for the hills.

  4. I missed you somehow…it has taken me some time to get back; thanks for the Like.

    Excellent essay.

    I would take issue with you, but not in a major way, regarding Nationalism – nationalism is, most assuredly, on the Rise – but it is not the ‘nationalism’ of our Fathers/Mothers of yesteryear; at least not for the last half-century.

    I will take more time, and read more of your material.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you! Thrilling to have thoughtful people stop by.

      I might or would perhaps even go so far as to stay it is now and perhaps has been since the 90’s–nationalism has been obsolete. But with every obsolete form of technology, it becomes art form. Think of everything retro these days…Spoilers on older models for instance…or the impressionists when painting became obsolete to photo for posterity.

  5. Remember the Key to Art: Form and Function.

    Form is beauty, harmony and grace; function is seen as Thematic, and instructive – anything else will pass away.

    Art for Art’s sake, is a thing of the past.

    Like your work, keep it up.

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