The Many Containers We Live In

We are, all of us victims of our surroundings and environments until latent inhibition is removed.

Which is what a drug like marijuana can do, or does… All that sedimented worry and panic, lack and gain, the struggle on your bones and in your wrists, the cancer you plug into your ears… All of this is removed. We see it as if for the first time.

This is the real reason it is illegal–it satisfies too much, that the corporate world would have to get us into drugs full time and all those multiplicitous pleasures that they make money off of, would be cut in half at least through such a consolidation of industries into one.

They are all fooling themselves if unware of themselves. I see a lady clutch a purse spend valuable time over the phone…being polite to a sales representative who obviously she wanted off the phone. Just hang up. But she wanted to be on the phone, her voice patterns, stale and rigid in her optimism, her posture, struggling yet with so much unnaturality to it.

If only she could break free.

As I have. As many before me. It will take perhaps five generations…or ten perhaps, before someone in her family is free. Everything is so important to her. No wonder it’s meaningless.

It is not enough to have the thought–”I have better ambitions and better things to do than they.” You must also feel it.

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