I think this is the first time that the Republicans have gotten their teeth kicked in. Like, but–for real kicked in. The polls showed only the perception held by conventional wisdom: that our country is the beam of glowing perpetual thing that never changes, when it actually is based on change in a broader way.

It occurred to me today that I as we all I think have gotten so used to the “right wing” being there that we’d forgotten it could be dented, and more…defamed. This vote on behalf of brave latino black and women voters, finally spoke.

I myself have been a long time polemicist in the way of railing at these very women and minority voters because until now, really they hadn’t stood up for themselves, when doing just that is exactly what they should have resorted to first.

Appeasement of a perpetrator is advocacy of the perpetrator. Yes. And the liberals have finally grown some teeth themselves.


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