Just think of all the horrible social rabbit holes there are out there to fall into.

…And sometimes never get out of.

I think of my younger readers who might be thinking of the whole growing up thing… Be warned, watch out for these things.

  • College – I went to the top art school in the world. Or one of them, SVA in New York City. It wasn’t a waste of money per se, but that’s largely if not wholly because of New York. I had millionaire art teachers…artists, real artists. But they were more artists than teachers and the Fine Art Dept was so well underfunded that they get your mind into thinking that old out of date supplies were a luxury out of sheer brochures. 😉

– Sex – makes you slave to an unwanted pregnancy or a line of products from condoms, to you name it.

  • Your Job – makes you actually work for the people you are most likely buying from, and perpetuates a mentality of conservatism which leads to low growth.
  • Your Parents – Who taught you “so who’s happy,” or “pride go it before a fall,” “don’t get too big for your britches,” “go to college” (even though you’ll be a slave to your loans and be forced against risks and you end up having to take that easy route for the sake of security. And then… Well, then they’ve got you haven’t they?
  • Guilt and Shame – Our society is rife with it, and would most certainly have you believe otherwise.
  • DUTY. This is the most important one I think. And the most insidious. THE EXPECTED HIEARCHY OF SOCIETY. This is how soldiers are made; how mean are in the end, able to be convinced by means of propaganda and hype, to go to a place and fight a people they’ve never seen, and pay the highest price.
  • The 40 Hour Work Week. Studies are showing from a British think tank I forget the name of now, but that firmly has studies to show that 60% of the time a worker is producing, a good one, and a 20 hour work week is more efficient if work is upped to a much higher percentage. Besides, freelancing, hello?
  • FOOD. Eating out costs me in full blown form, around $800 to $1200 per month. Just to fucking feed myself. Groceries all month, around $400. Yeah. We shant fail to menton of course that our overly consumerized super markets geared toward sodium and sugar and convenience…are also something we should try and avoid. Shop more organic and local, find stores for specific needs.

Don’t entirely avoid these of course, as they tend to be the fruits of life after all. But they are certainly items that society will try and use against you. Don’t fall into it. That’s all I’m saying.

This list will be added to and go on, but for now, I ask you out there, you people: is it really worth it if your life isn’t extraordinary?


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