In Love. Sometimes Earth is possible.

I hadn’t foreseen this.

It fell directly on my head.

She did.

We’re engaged.

Science has only yet to find why people get struck by lightening.

The Great Imperative. Wins.

I thought I knew what being in love was. I knew finally what it is to love someone. But in love. This is something that could seriously be lost and not remembered.

I was struck by lightening.

Just the other day.

Her name is Kat. Katherine. How crazy is that? – This is the name I always thought I would meet in a girl. My grandmother’s name.

She comprises all the lists of things material and non, so many lists I made…Even to have half of these things I’ve listed over the years would be superhuman. She has more than most if not everything. Well, might as well be everything, I love her smile it makes me melt…she is hyper-smart, intellectual, creative minded, laughs at my downright crazy weird sense of non-humor, is theoretical, political, talks all the time and is absolutely gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams-beautiful–and has my crazy sense of life.

She skydives and talks fast. Big ideas. Are always the best left for last.

What combination of infinite lists did it take to finally spark life on Earth?

I love her forever.


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