Best of You

Anyone who experienced the early nineties the way my generation did, knows what Mr. Grohl is actually saying here. On any number of levels.

This is possibly one of my favorite songs of all time. Actually, wait, it is. Most definitely. It is I think the first, truely epic song by the Foo Fighters that could put them back with his former band’s level: Nirvana. It is, judging by the seeming deliberate throatiness and extended high notes, that he is referencing his long lost friend, too. 

I don’t know, the international corporations held it off and squashed the rebellion after 94.

But again, if the corporations weren’t here, it would be necessary to invent them.

However, this level of realness, will be a thing of the long lost past. Our relationship with our emotions will never be this complex again. The telescreen and anti-environment of the computer is rendering us into vacant hullks striving for a lost identity. This is the struggle against this loss. Generation X had not yet lost the inner logic left over from the 500 year enlightenment. But it is now over. 9-11 really threw it in our faces.

The never ending Lady Gagas are the Ecoland infused by media. We will never be unfictional like this again.

On a so-called even “realer” level, the struggle against the corporation in the early nineties shaped so ubiquitously every inch of our Starbucks sponsored life, so wildly pervasive in our living room six hour Saturday Morning seances. We are leaving plastic suburbia though. Urbania is metal and glass. In an age where metal and glass aren’t necessary. Through these architects eyes there could be any level of intelligent nature. 

Urbania is Oz and Oz is forever.

I did paintings of this story. I wil continue to. Maybe I’ll make it into a Gen-X story book appealing to the divorce rate of that generation. We were the first to experience divorce in this country quite that high. Gen-Y doesn’t give a shit, they’re not generally that deep. Ha.  

I remember eating endless Fruit Loops and watching Ghostbusters. I remember when there used to be first kisses. There will never be again for another child so long as the electrification of culture turns us tribal. And tribal means empty in the way we knew from 1776 on especially I’d say. Collective, the internal brain is gone and robot takes over. Looking for what we are only told is human. The robot’s quest is our quest now.

The human drama must continue, but especially because it is obsolete. 🙂


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