The Scandal of Our Own Pleasure



Pleasure, believe it or not; is a moral imperative. One’s own pleasure. Yours. Your own.

If you’re watching or reading an Altruist based story like Lord of the Rings, you will know what the author believes: that the joy in life comes primarily from others and hence, the character “Smeagal” (spelling?) or “Golem,”  finds great evil in considering the ring “His Precious,” “His Own.” As if owning something and only wanting it for yourself were somehow inherently wrong. I ask myself, well wait, are there any other instances in the story of someone holding or enjoying something precious to them, only for themselves, not associated with direct absolute evil? Not really. Most of the acts in the movie that is, only feature…  

…love, romantic love, which may be an exception in itself, or perhaps there is no other scene where one person is seen enjoying an object that after all could only be for oneself.

Is it wrong to want for yourself, and only yourself and consider this a moral imperative? Everybody is so busy and in such a rush to please others. Perhaps more deeply should be looked: if everyone was selfish wouldn’t the world collapse? Of course it would and this extreme example is intended to bide time into deflecting the real issue: of course it’s only right that we ban together. But hey everybody wake up, we live in an ultra technological nation state, decentralizing megolopolis where food will eventually be so cheap that hunger itself will be in question. America already has the lowest (worst) yet absolute lowest food cost proportionally. It’s becuase of aboslute hypocrisy and horrible compartmentalization on the part of our Victorian age government; that we even have to question need or hunger, the technology is there to feed twice 8 Billion. And we know it. 

Pleasure is the point of life everyone. What if everyone were selfish? Well, maybe at least then people wouldn’t be so depressed, their happiness once they get past “the Bling ;)” –would take center stage and they might care about themselves and hence, have the self-esteem enough to want actually, selfishly want to help others for non-fake reasons like fear and conformity–and finally… finally act on behalf of the world. Because of the love of their life and what happens to others is ultimately what happens to you. It is not Altruism, it is intelligence. 

I am the most selfish person I know. I am also one of the most collectively concerned. It is because I am intelligent enough to realize that the wool has been pulled over our eyes to make us slaves to another’s greed. What about our greed? What about yours?


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