The Prime Directives for a New Society (Draft 1)

1. That an abdication of intellectual life, as one guided primarily by reason in most realms; is an abdication of the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i.e. the right to vote

2. That human social organization is to be dictated by the mental advancement and self-actualization of its constituent individuals.

3. That free will is only free within the known, and therefore, the known must be expanded as a moral imperative for the protection of value, life and liberty and the constuent members of the society, by the constituent members of that society.

4. That not all humans are created equal, by evolutionary design, but that it is the onus of humans to correct this by means of technology.

5. That inassimilable cultures are to be dealt with by means of peace and evasion whereever possible. i.e. the prime directive from Star Trek

6. That disagreements are not the result of preference or will, but of a gap in knowledge. Hence, it is therefore the onus of those disagreeing, to resolve that gap, and never wherever possible, to consent to disagreement.

7. That all presently irresolvable conflicts are permited to remain pending on the basis of ongoing knowledge seeking and reexamination.


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