speech draft 1

There is a fight here. And it is a desperate one.

Look into your phones and Ask yourself what is real. Look around you and will find the walking dead are not on the screen. Ode to the windows of your skull, where you will find there is no more trust. In your living room theatres where enough pleasure for us sleep walkers, exists for an eternity of slaves. Dwarfed are the Pharoahs!

Who are the slaves of the flesh and who are the slaves of the mind? we are. And who are the slavers? They are. Yes, they. Will you hear me through the medium? Could you not for a second stop the clack of your candy jaws long enough to hear yourself think?

Hear me now. I command you. To find the same command in yourself. and you will see what you have is nothing and what they robbed is ehat you gave for nothing but sticky fingers. not your job. bribery. not your home of mental robbery. not in all your wishing, whree there is only a well of poverty.

you think what you breathe is air? try it try to really breathe…it is goop, the world they have pulled over your eyes to shield you from the truth.


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