SEO Philosophy

Individuals lives are now carved out in searches. It is not the internet of 10 years ago where people dabbled online. They are now vested in earnest. Think of your content as different feeds. Not merely web sites. But web systems that lead you through larger systems like a supermarket constellation which are  in turn, intertwined with other constellations. That in turn lead back to galaxies back to constellations and back to you in 90 seconds. Or 1 hour. Or 1 day or week or year or years. This is the true nature of SEO. Constant updates are one of the keys  to gain a following.

Think of it as the world the way it was left at the end the 20th century. That’s right now by the way…

.. Which also by the way is based on a national centralist mass marketing media. We are experiencing its decentralization as we speak right now…

This system required a 9 to 5 work day. Doing things we didn’t necessarily want to do. We are all so separate from each other due to this historical fact.

Think of the Internet as reuniting people back into their natural interest groups. And that money so called, will be a formality not even noticed in everyday life. A social currency within a group. Money way ahead; will then be a very natural byproduct of living, not its aim as it is now. But a process. Totalistic in nature.

Money is no merely the exchange between virtual tribes and moreover within your tribe.

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