Ten Thousand Years: Final Detail Work – Art Print Now For Sale!

Ten Thousand Years Original Oil Painting Now For Sale As Art Print

Ten Thousand Years Original Oil Painting Now For Sale As Art Print


This is certainly my best work. Of course, as artists, we always claim this: that our very last painting is always the very best. Well, this is often true. In many ways it is for this one. I have discovered a form of layering as a technique I wasn’t involved in because of my very impressionist or post-impressionist bent. Now however, I am approaching pure subject matter. Or as they say in the web world, content is king.

My vision is paramount to me: to relay “The Visions” as this is what this painting represents as a brand new series. It is still to be considered “Meta-Surrealism” because it literally is the mind as a landscape. Mine. It’s a way to see inside what’s in my head. This particular series “Visions” has come to me in dreams as singular images. This is how most of my art that really means anything happens to come: as revelations. More over I want to get across is the vision of a utopic world as possible and something so large that we at present cannot comprehend it. Or, like looking ten thousand years into the future. 

I am going for archetypal meaning as all my “mythology” and not “monster of the week artwork” tends to be. I try to stay away from any sort of specificity in terms of the subject. I want a world we don’t know, but is perhaps only similar to us in style. I want an epic-as-life universe and sense of life with this one.

Please enjoy. 

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