What’s your North Star?

Positive thinking is actually simulating positive possibilities in your mind. Like thought experiments. But like, chronically. I suppose that leaves its efficacy up to how much and how well you can imagine…

I didn’t really get it for a long while. But I do now. There are no doubt multiple ways of being positive. But this is one of them and may be the most crucial sense, don’t know…

The implications of this are simple but must be clearly understood and acted upon. Self-fulfilling prophecies go both ways. The fanatic, the fundamentalist and the religious person have a great suit of armor against the onslaught of depression: the actual vision of a better world, along with the undying belief that one day or in some other realm; it will be there. That it is possible, somewhere.

If we could learn to wield ideology in a perhaps even cognitively scientific way, other than this often phony self-help drivel, we’d really be far more ahead and in touch. My belief no matter low I’ve been, has been to look on my own North Star. For me, this was and is being an artist and a thinker: the ability to create my own worlds. That and women. 😉

What’s your North Star?

One thought on “What’s your North Star?

  1. Have you ever read Why People Fail by Siimon Reynolds? It is more of a self-help book (I had to read it as part of a course I was in). Anyway, he says that according to whatever studies, some scientists have discovered that most humans think about 70% of the same thoughts everyday; and that the process of actively changing ones thoughts as through positive thinking, visualization, or studying philosophy can eventually turn someone into the person they want to be. It’s a similar idea, I’ve been using it ever since, and I’d say it works, as hokey as it sounds.

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