Search Engine Conditioning Toward Progressive Specificity

People ask, how are people going to make their money in the future, if the web makes everything free?

Well, the answer to this question starts with porn…

I began my chronic life of sexual coping by watching and searching for studio, vanilla, third person porn. Jenna Jameson era. Originally on VHS.

The variety of porn I was able to access was limited to a trip to the local and very controversial (at the time) – MVC, Midnight Video Central. It was a humongous two level set of deck on deck wall to wall porn. And toys. I would eventually take advantage of both.

But since when i went to college in 1998 after I bought my first Mac, (the very first iMac by the way) I was quickly able to access a wider variety of images and videos, and hence, my categories for it expanded. I thought that never again would I have to rely on one type of porn. But one type of porn is sort of what I ended up with.

True, I watch a large number of videos with an increasing amount of variety, but the marketing secret about the web is revealed in this: the web makes specific needs the end-state, by necessity. Why? Because I now watch most primarily only porn that i pay for. Tube porn is only a backup.

One of my niches is if it could be searched by our present search engines would be… “pov blow job high definition cum in face cum in mouth, point of view, girls that make noise and talk to the viewer while making eye contact, sex, anal, ATM.”

– With equal emphasis, mind you; on each and every keyword in that niche.

Or guess what? Just go buy a Mike Johns POV pervert DVD. Or just go get a paid Subscription to Both of those would satisfy every inch (no pun intended) of that long ass query. But that is what i like. I won’t pay for anything more general, cause it’s free.

Think of this applied to other kinds of products. It means that art and art related products like prints will evolve the same way. Not merely fresh unique content, but product content that satisfies not just increasingly, but progressively particularizing needs. This is the decentralization of need and want itself. It is the gestalt effect in reverse.

We are experiencing things being free due merely to over exposure. It is rather, that the web makes the general product physical or non, obsolete, not the end-product. Meaning that niche is inherently the metaphysics of the internet. By necessity. It can’t be otherwise because everything that is too general will lose by nature.

What is the end state of this?

It means that if you find or envision a target audience particular enough, it is no longer the case as it was in the industrial age, to provide mass general needs. Such as with movies and books like best sellers and Hollywood blockbusters.

Those kinds of products are either monopolized or free. I believe that monopoly and what is made free through technologically induced availability; represents the obsolete. Its the same reason trains are now centralized to Amtrak in the US, it is the natural cycle by which the speed of capital, makes us free of capital. Or that capitalism becomes communism at instant speeds of transaction time, especially flat transactions. And I mean all transactions official and personal.

The job of the artist therefore, if they wish to make money, is to inundate the web with constant fresh content that is exclusive and suits a set of needs that evolved from more general ones. Think of the Mike Johns POV porn in terms of the fact that the reason I am willing to pay for it, is because i cannot find HD porn where girls do x,y,z, f,d, xd,Che, and H. See what i mean?

So, but that isn’t the whole picture. Since specific needs are naturally, progressively, and inevitably will evolve toward specificity, then why not lead consumers that way? In other words, the real implication is clear: offer a product that begins by suiting general needs and then “condition” them into YOUR more specific needs. You could own a piece of their personal evolution and in this way we are becoming interdependent in an all new, all-pervasive fashion.


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