Labor Day

I’d like to thank my wonderful fiancée for pointing out the actual meaning of labor day this morning. I suppose we do owe thanks not to our government per se, but to the people that made use of the genius of amendable government. Every step of the way while the kings and the barons still persisted as they had throughout all history; to rule by force and without justice to those they ruled.

Not that I agree with Democracy itself you see…Democracy is rule by mob without the electoral college and even with it, it’s not enough in my view. Amendable government; actually having the ability, at least with a good fight, to change the nature and enforcement of that which rules us–is what we persist in this for as a bottom line.

This is the achievement of the United States. The rest of the world folded with it. It makes sense, the entire lineage of domestic freedom since the Magna Carta and even before…it suits us very well.

– That at least a progressive number of people became more and more free. And today with the legalization of marijuana in certain states and implied across the board; gay marriage (though marriage itself is the unfair protection against single competitors merely for choosing to be single) with at least a safety net of some twisted Health Care system; at least the ability for white people and often even blacks, to go outside and breathe the air and roam around without knowing where your “papers” are.

That’s freedom. Or maybe those Kings are just still letting us have our cake to enslave the rest of the population of the world. Wow, I couldn’t go through one holiday without reverting to cynicism about our society–blast!


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