Microsoft Surface is Ancient and Futuristic Simultaneously: Kubrick is Proud Today


Surface Touch Technology Neal Cormier Art

Surface Touch Technology Has Seen Light Neal Cormier Art

Surface revolutionizes the Touch interface for the very first time.

I always thought the iPad was great; for revolutionizing the design and the hardware…But Surface is something we imagined should have been in 2001. It is finally and officially the future.

It takes mulitasking to a newer literal level in the sense that it harnesses slates of space in the way Lion had wanted to grasp at but lacked the timing and further innovativeness.

Make no mistake the space race until no device absolutely cannot be nano-tech; we will then revert to engineered obsolescence as an absurdity. It’s not a question of who knows what or where the future lies, we all know the inexorable, it has already happened and that the pace of innovation being so progressively automated; has outstripped itself. Once we can fly and our devices are airborne like Tinker Bell, or just consist of command based water vapor, what of privacy then? What of individual identity?

In any case; the Surface is superior in that the spaces or slates as I like to call them; represent categories, folders not literal instances as a default, which is the key in that latter term there… So you touch a colored rectangular icon and it goes very smoothly and video gaming-ly into each app like it were a personal theatre…

…Something I forgot to mention — this is key:

Surface shows you slideshow updates within each stacked icon in a designer style Tetris; animating your own channels and feeds into scrolling content like eyes blinking at you.

They mastered it in a very Gucci sense of design I’d say. Boss would be proud. Anyway, you can also “slide” in with a swipe from the right, your last application window; and even make a margin or a much smoother I hate to say–widget as it sounds so archaic now…

I won’t go through all the specifics there are too many but you can simultaneously flip to Desktop mode in which it runs as a normal PC. I take this thing every where I go now, it is light and slick and really has no delve in the corners of the screen that sink it like sunken eyeballs. So annoying! :0

Anyhow, your finger slides across the entire screen like a Lamborghini too, and with exception to the back, tho I have an Asus; it is perfect 2001 minimalism. To me, if it can’t be simultaneously futuristic, have a sense of Kubrick, and look ancient at the same time; it ain’t worth a look.

But the Surface interface and its precedent will dominate Touch technology.

I am saddened that this is happening with an already establshed name, Microsoft. But they afford it and on goes the cycle of myopic societal living. I digress from that Mammoth in our living rooms.

This is the shit and go buy it and give the man your change.

Believe me, you’re profiting far greater, they have NO idea what they are in the business of creating.They have no idea that Touch interface technology is metaphysically bound to imbed itself in the environment so pervasively as to be company-independent as the social atmosphere grows thicker into its own Genesis.

This means that interface itself has made its own medium or channel–obsolete. It will go airborne soon and again, nano tech is the next step, they’re running out of steps because at least one of the beautiful things about Capitalism is competition ensuring innovativeness in at least one sector of the economy. So aside from nano-tech, the next step I’d say is floating or flying phones. No, I’m serious and with these Helicopters we’ve been seeing around the post-industrial Malls, it’d be easy to rig a phone that flies behind you and only you like Tinkerbell. Yea, like fucking Tinker Bell.

Microsoft Surface Touch Technology Neal Cormier Art Review

Microsoft Surface Touch Technology Neal Cormier Art Review

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