We forget that we turn to evil.

We are not born with such a subjective condition as the ethics of one culture or another.

We are born with a pleasure principle and a programming for survival and procreation. 

Yes, among other things for which we are but cattle at the cliff.

Cheney, Bush, Hitler, Stalin, as many others turned to “evil” but they did it for reasons they thought were from God. Maybe they were, after all The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I believe, in a more objective way, evil is anti-life.

But anti-life, means what?

Anti-life means that my uncle tore the wings off flies and smiled.

Anti-life means that I have lost my temper and told people that I am right and they are wrong because of merely their perspective in and of something they cannot help.

We have the concept of rights, but we forget that it is invented, after all, and must be reinvented.

And better: understood.

Eternal vigilance?

Except that for all the genius that implode a room full of thinkers into Jefferson dining alone—

—Of Washington, Jefferson… the Founders had slaves.

Perspective and context.

But they were nonetheless not just context and not just products.

They were conscious beings like us, and knew it was wrong and did it anyway because they wanted to hold and retain power.

For good reasons?


Or perhaps the ends justify the means, even for a Republic? Isn’t that Fascism?

Yes, by definition, in fact.

Al Capone to his dying day, swore ‘knew’ he was doing ‘right thing.’ He was inside those reasons.

That is why power is most retained, not by teaching us what to think, but of what to think within.

Perspective must not be confused.

We must learn it and learn more importantly why perspective, is perspective.