From the Looking Glass.

Treason doth never prosper… For if it prospers, none dare call it Treason.

John Harington

Watching Good Morning America reminds one of how truly fascist our system is.

“This is what 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS looks like!”

A commenter tells us spiraling on a literal crane far above three monolithic stacks of ‘Benjamins’ in Times Square: the epicenter of Capitalism.

Celebrities, football, product placement, monogamy and money-worship are the top themes. Animal Agriculture, being meat and dairy are pushed to the point of a total-environment.

Meanwhile, celebrities are primarily, neurotic, dysfunctional people; football stars are heroes of untold riches, while teachers are paid dirt and the cheering crowds linger as future zombies from a in-extant healthcare system.

Monogamy is touted as the omni-present standard because children are the way the system keeps people pacified and ever occupied consumers, while 60%+ cheat on their spouses and always have.

Meat and dairy while the obesity rate is nearing HALF the population.

The environment is on the verge of total collapse and the human race, according to most scientists on Climate Change could very possibly face extinction within this century.


The more desperate things seem, the more fanatical and exuberant the propaganda. Our clothes drip with the blood of slaves. But we call them: sweat shops workers. 

“Oh, but they’re paid!” A Capitalist would cry.

Paid enough to subsist on bread while Bolivian children are charged for their own drinking water.

Far less than a criminal would get.

“Great deals for your mind, your body, and your soul.”


“Countdown to the Oscars.”

Drone strikes on civilian populations.

“Get fit and eat a burger with a wheat bun!”

Meat is killing with cancer with rates that dwarf cigarettes and asbestos combined

“Loose weight with Weight Watchers,” says Oprah.

And she’s still fat.

The big lotto winners crown the USA Today porn star commentators.

And this is the best system on Earth.

The Western European, U.S. and Canadian establishment.

But the reality: the people are to blame.

Not their leaders, not the system itself: but the fact, as Plato knew—that the masses themselves cannot rule their own destinies, or the world will plummet into chaos. And it has.

It is The People that fight for their rights and improve Democracy. It is also The People that tear it down for a donut and a cheaper coffee bean.


“It is the great fortune of those in power that people do not think.”

-Adolf Hitler

Most people are not meant to use their brains.

Because they are Dancing With The Stars to the point of a knife in the back to make sure their cars run and children are fed. They’d sell out a friend to make themselves look better, then battle the guilt while sipping a latte.

Think about the real perpetrator of the aforementioned reality: The People. 


Design Websites For Walls.

epicenterThe average connection speed Nationwide is around 9Mbps. 

The average site download is around 1Megabite. 

I remember designing sites that were an 800K download. And it was crushing people’s attention span in the 2 seconds it took for them to check their phone and leave the site.

Now? I figured out the secret of my success: I’ve been testing sites on a Wifi connection at 1.02Mbs or around thereabouts while the average is 9 TIMES FASTER. 

All my sites should load quickly as a result, though I’ve been too liberal even still with my sites holding a hefty 1.4Megabite download. Though this speed will be in 3-6 months, the new standard.

Which is too much. But the majority of my sites have been around 900K or a little more. 

Sites in the next year will be beyond 4G and entering the real 4K!

Exponential growth Kurzweil talking about is coming. In 2017 we will see HDTV Websites as a mainstream standard. Anyone not designing for Responsive 4K, very large out-of-text-and-into-speech-transition emphasizing voice, with a very 3D bent—will be crushed. 

Design 3D, design mobile–

Design for walls.