I became my Dad’s Heroes.

I am tired.

And, I am tired.

Though, with Teeth.

It was worth it. Yes. Oh yeah. – Alas, there is a New York City. Still extant. And still a smart jew heckling. Thank God. Thank God for him.

There was a homeless guy on…

…On ah, on 3rd, off Third Ave there.

“Fuck the VCR!”

Then Pelted a VCR tape to the ground. His backpack, full of em. Croning over like Igore. 

The tape, it’s rafting entrails, flailing near a cop car. 

Wish I remembered more.

Naw, he didn’t care. Held a machine gun.


Becoming Bowie and marrying New York City.

Was like finding Katherine.

And at the same time, a Ten Year sacrifice like I never thought could happen. Of Lili, of me, of my Dad and my brother. All sacrificed on the altar of eternal hubris. But it is that Hubris that both damns and saves our souls. Because in America, it’s either one path or the other.

I couldn’t put up with the boredom.

In America, we hear the Drum of the gangs of new york. That mustached robber barron with an axe. Except we become the axe, not the axed.

We are taught that humans are commodities while explicitly endorsing its opposite. “You are what you make yourself.” Becomes.

“Just do it.”


“There’s a helpless starving child who needs you.”

The thin line between Entertainment and War.

Is what we got.

And call, Democracy.