The unexamined life is not worth living.

The unexamined man is not worthy of life.


Don’t Consolidate Your Student loans

With a private company.

Just saw the usual propaganda from The Today Show (or Good Morning America though it’d make little difference) – and they’re advertising “the monumental benefits of consolidating your student loans.”

What they really mean is: consolidate with a private lender so that you have no hope of the government ever forgiving them.

This is taking advantage of people who don’t look beyond the veil and aren’t aware of the active movement against student loans that will end in the government having to just forgive them.

Let’s not forget why higher education exists in this country and refuse the engendered slavery from the worlds biggest scam: student loans.



Neal Cormier in his natural enclosure.

Ideas. Not People. Laws. Not Men.


A Philistine is a person who willfully shuts out new information and is bound to literal mindedness, unable to think on an abstract level.

Corporate America loves this kind of individual. Though prefers them, en masse.

People love to retreat to a fanciful world where everybody’s equal and where Intelligence can’t be measured.

Even the great thinkers of our time host a culture of passivity toward ignorance such as with Howard Gardener, a renowned Multiple Intelligence theorist, who buys into the idea that even a merely coherent definition of human intelligence will not, and can never be established.

This is against all common observable evidence outside state and corporate sponsored laboratories which the biggest global businesses are fully aware–shape all public opinion.

The AdCouncil, Monsanto and Big Pharma are among the prime conspirators in this endeavor that make the 1930’s Nazi Propaganda machine, look like Bambi.


The truth is that the core of human intelligence is abstraction: specifically the ability to separate properties from objects in the attempt to build a chain of abstract concepts from concrete entities to top level awareness.

This applies to everything in one’s behavior from brushing our teeth to building rockets. I find it most notably when someone describes a story or explains a situation.

I remember leaving would be friends who would time and time again, tell me stories or about artists they ‘loved,’ in terms of the products they recently bought or a video game, limited to plot. I notice concrete bound people tend to tell stories by means of mere plot versus its theme for instance.

Take the Orlando shooting. Observe that people are most concerned with what to do about the Terrorists and how to protect ourselves. Both these things are concrete.

The AdCouncil would love for you to believe anything aside from an idea.

An idea makes you dangerous. An idea cannot be easily suppressed once understood, and as such, does not lie, feel remorse, pity, or pain.

An idea is ceaseless and timeless; is what it is, and does – only – what it does.

That’s why our state-sponsored media in the U.S. like as seen on Good Morning America; spends billions and billions every year, preventing you from understanding those ideas that would otherwise make you very dangerous to them.

They are pulling the wool over your eyes primarily by planting concrete details that distract from the real issue at hand.

In other words, it’s not LGBT, it’s ‘Gays.’ If it’s not gays, it’s Terrorists. If not Terrorists, then we’ve got to ban Muslims.

Never the idea though. It’s never the 20-year U.S. led strikes on middle eastern countries that provoked this, it’s civilian access to military weapons.

Notice a theme?

Military weapons, even their access and the laws on gun control are pretty concrete and easy to understand.

Not History though.

History is abstract, and hence, invisible to the Philistine.

That is why it has always been by – means – of the Philistine, that the power of unwarranted influence by certain men, have been, and are able to control the rest of us.

Gun control is a thing because they’re also trying to – disarm – us.

“Only you can prevent forest fires,” (AdCouncil) means that it’s your fault, and that only you are to blame for social problems.

Not Monsanto. Not the Troops. Not (the Nazi-sympathizing) Henry Ford or Walt Disney…


“Just say no to drugs,” properly translated, really means:

“Just say no to blacks.”

Because it is the AdCouncil in bed with Nancy Reagan and her ‘anti-drug’ campaign that resulted in nothing but more blacks in jail and more drugs on the street.

To catch more blacks.

Being black.

“Oh but that’s a conspiracy!”

Pull the fucking wool off of your eyes, and ask not what a conspiracy is, but rather: what – it is not.

I say:

“Conspiracy? What isn’t?”

Because if you start really reading into all this, into everything that’s happening to you as a victim of the Nation State, it’s history, nature, and its reign over the human organism–you will very quickly see a startling picture emerge: Gangs. Just a bunch of warring gangs encompass the world and always have.

To speak of the U.S. as a Democracy is as laughable as to consider Saudi Arabia being a public endorser of the Pride movement.

All we hear about is why to eat meat, when meat is killing us. Why to buy Viagra with antidepressants, when the latter enables the necessity of the former.

Why we should buy cancer drugs?

Cause we ate the meat.

That gave us cancer.

So then we eat more meat.

From the same people who sell us chemotherapy.

And go to SeaWorld.

Where animals are slaves in cages, not the vast wilderness they once knew.

And go to Disney World.

Where we put on the T-Shirts made by third world slaves and praise Nike.

Never having seen the drones that keep them working.

Never having seen the villages they are caged to.


An idea is powerful because it identifies, not merely a given concrete object, like even a news report on a shooting; but the idea behind the shooting, whatever perspective that comes from.

The obvious enemy of the Orlando shooting in our society, is hidden behind the guise of willful ignorance and masks the truth: that this was a hate-crime against human sex. The real motive is ideological and is built on the disgusting Muslim tenet that women are subordinate to men and that gay men are living in sin by being gay.

A rational intelligent population would never conclude that ‘Terrorists’ are the problem.

A befuddled, desperate and stupid population of TV zombies would conclude that it is ‘Terrorists’ since that is the most abstract explanation available to their limited consciousness.

It is no coincidence that the tech industry, medicine and other top-level industries; possess the highest number of people displaying the trait of general abstract intelligence.

And yet the PC riddled culture, blindly accepts that all are equal. Our current U.S. educational establishment is good quick evidence of the intellectual state of our society. Observe that actual learning is discouraged in contrast to the obtaining of grades.

Grades, again, are concrete and easy to understand, against the actual material’s comprehension which is to say the least, very abstract. Parents don’t tend to be concerned with anything but the result, and that too is a Philistine trait: the cultural monopoly of results versus the concentration on process.

And to the Politically Correct (system of suppression), the difference between in principle and in actual reality, mean the same thing since there is hardly a sign of a distinction between these in mainstream US-American thought. There is no distinction there, because there is no examination and no discussion of it in the first place.


50 died the other night in light of people’s failure to recognize that intelligence as James Watson, co-founder of the DNA helix says, “is not distributed equally across the globe.”

Because if it were, this would never have happened.

Not all people are equal in intelligence just as much as not all cultures are equal to each other. Some cultures cut the clitorous’ off women while others, their noses. These are same cultures that spawn the depraved thinking of Orlando’s attack on human sexuality.

Let us see with untrammeled vision, the glaring contradiction in our thoughts and dismantle the American PC sacred cow, and accept the notion that culture–including our own; embraces Philistinism, in that a basketball player will always make more than a teacher.

The real criminal is the cult of the stupid.

The weak and the cowardly appease the Trump-Clinton hegemony, further tightening the wool over our eyes and grip of the shackles over our hands and feet.

It is time to judge, and prepare to – be – judged.

It is time to see that our enemy means to destroy us, that our enemy is not a person per se, but an idea bound by a group of cultures, both national and decentralized.

The disease of willful ignorance and mental lethargy cannot be tolerated in order for us to survive.

Fight ignorance by pointing it out in public.

Be encouraged to embarrass people, especially your friends whom you usually protect from the free flow of information. Ignorant opinions must be exposed for what they are, and condemned utterly, everywhere we see them and in all ultimate eventuality; everywhere they exist.

Make the willfully ignorant aware of their chronic error of omission so that we can all not hide behind compartmentalized suburban walls.

It is important that we educate as well, but we cannot do so in the midst of a culture that appeases a choice to bar the truth and to limit our consciousness to the realm of Philistine Materialism.

We also cannot educate those who are uneducable.

Who are these people?

They are most of the people on Earth and most you’ve ever met.

Don’t be one of them.

For whatever reason, probably biological: they are lost and must be either ruled or bound by the Intelligence of those more able.

Make no mistake, do this, or be shackled forever as we are now and have always been.

By those.