A Loving God

The question why do we fight each other is obvious: the gulf of resources in terms of: talent, innate and non, the gulf of reason and abstraction between us. The gulf of geography, habit, and hence, culture.

Ideology is not superfluous.

But we have been made to think it is.

The Source of which. Is the Rich.

No other.

And they built a WALL. Around them, the height of the distance to the Moon.

You’ll never get there.

It’s growing.

To Mars.

And Beyond.


…The canyons of knowledge. The powerful addiction of the powerful to the masses of the Stupid. They depend on.

For a way to suck money from Us.

To build bombs.

To protect Wealth.

And so on it goes, on and on.

Until there is no more Earth to suck.

And Nature.


Us All.




For all these reasons and many profoundly more: We failed.

Nevertheless, we all hold in us, the concept of justice, and a way of life.

Yet, in the modern day, ‘a way of life’ is a moot point.

To the bribery we take of our living room theaters and endless drink, candy, ass, pussy and dick–we let those bombs be built.

From our spectator view.

We think is a choice.

Shame. Shame on us for thinking we ever had one.

When an unmanned robot can have more than 99% accuracy to be guaranteed to hit the assassinated. In their living room.

And leave the children sitting next to them, alive.

Every time.

From 13,000 miles away.

Give Pause.

Do not read on until you do.





Now think:

What is the nature of your ‘choice?’

Do you even speak out in protests?

I doubt it.

I have.

But why would I?

When all my needs are met.

At the expense of some guy or girl or woman or man, or transgendered person: their children being tortured and killed for nothing. And Forever.

Why would I object?

I live in a Paradise.


And – We live under the ostense of freedom. When our choice is an illusion.

We live in the reality of the physical manifestation of that lie.

That lie shrouds a margin of freedom we do hold to in the minority that enjoys it on the entire planet.

Albeit, it has never even in this amount; ever existed in human history.


A loving God would not do these things to us, would He?

If a coherent philosophy that identifies and makes sense of only an unbroken chain from nothing but the – facts – of reality, is capable to any man–then why have we failed to establish it?

All any powerful person has done, with power to date, is serve their own subjective interests. When those interests happen to have been more objective and more applicable to all, even if unjust; they called these individuals, Roosevelt, Churchill or Einstein, V. Woolf, Rimbaud, Whitman, or Amelia Airheart.  Darwin.


All the women and men of ability have done is make a world to live in.

People determine its character.

And what is that character?

Homelessness. Poverty. Disorder. More freedom, yes, but only until someone else has a bigger gun.

That’s the nature of the beloved ‘People.’

We just won’t accept that all men are not created equal.

And that most men, are so far from equal, that some great person said:

  • “The difference between a chimp and the human being, is the same gap between the average man, and the genius.”


Why has someone said this?

Why is our world in chaos?

Because we seek a loving God.

Who would Himself, put them all to sleep.

And leave the geniuses.

To what?


Yes. To thrive, alone!

Out of compassion.

Yes. She would.


Yes, She Would.



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