I’m a White Male with an Upper Middle Class Background.  And I’ve Had a Hard Life.


I’ve had a hard life. Not many can really say that in the existing middle class. Whatever that is today…

We’ve been trained to think of Smokey the Bear: That is, the social notion about ourselves: that it’s our fault and we are the ones to blame for society’s woes. When it’s actually our leaders.

It’s not.

“Your fault.”

It’s the fault of the rich and the system of wealth preservation. I’ve enjoyed this system and receive money from it to this day. I am myself a hypocrite, business conspirator and war profiteer of the middle class.

Nonetheless, it’s not my fault.

I’ll make a list:

  • I lost my mom when I was 19
  • she was terribly sick my whole life and finally we put her to sleep in 1998
  • My brother was 14
  • My Dad lost his marbles and considered his children emotionally extraneous soon after my mom passed and married a horrible, horrible person and is with her to this day. She will not take care of him, despite his devotion and he doesn’t get it
  • The Second Great Depression Began in 2008, and my Dad went from $120,000 as a Real Estate agent, or more a year, to $27,000 or so as a school bus driver
  • He tried suicide in 2014
  • I lost my marbles in 1999, and moved all over the world and had a daughter in France whom I was unable to see without money for many, many years
  • I have a severe learning disability that impaired reading on top of dyslexia and low latent inhibition
  • I’ve only started to – read – in 2006 because of ebooks, Kindle and the iPhone
  • I am a painter in a country where true fine art does not sell
  • And then told that it does
  • I wasted over $65,000 on the scam of art education in higher learning in the U.S.
  • I was picked on by black and hispanic americans my whole grade school 12 years
  • I sucked at sports and everyone made fun of me for it my whole life. I took it very seriously.
  • I never fit in despite my apparent looks and girls were after me to some extent
  • My teeth will fall out in 5-7 years without $50,000 of dental work, after insurance.
  • My own friends all pretty much sold out to the system with the slightest touch of pressure. I held on in poverty for many years.
  • 16 years. Of poverty. 5 of it by choice. The first 5.
  • I am a painter in a country where real artists are shunned, or at best, invisible
  • I live in a country where the startlingly vast majority, is dumb as rocks.
  • I live in a country where New York City is the only great place left. And its invaded by the worst kind of pretender, Yuppie tripe, scum.
  • I live in a city, Boston where everyone is fake. Not even one free beer.
  • I probably have cancer
  • And in any case, will probably not live to see my 60’s, if not 50’s.

So, yeah it’s not our fault.

I’m here to tell you, it’s really no one who makes under $300,000 a year’s fault.

It’s the Big guys. And they are guys.

History will have its way with them.


The Bastille will again avenge us.




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