Conformity of Chameleons

Most social interaction is based on conformity.

People do not think of it as conformity because the fraction of a second it takes for them to make their decisions doesn’t allow for that kind of attention.


But if they stopped. To witness that second. What then?

Think about it. How long does it take you to decide how to part your hair? Eat a peach? What to wear?

Advertisers know and behave off the basis of what you do, not what you tell people that you are.

Advertisers have known for centuries what you really are.

What we all are.

Truth be told, if you have to see someone interact with your friends first, before deciding if someone should be your friend – you don’t have enough information to make decisions about people; and should probably keep relying on other’s opinions for all your major decisions. Not just people, but everything; and know–you live the life of a slave. Because you are.

A slave.

Bow your head to your Superiors. Because all you’ll see is His chin. For the rest of your life.


Not me.

I escaped it. I never owned a car because I knew its effects on my body and mind.

I never watched TV past a certain age cause I knew its effects on my Eyes.

I’ve decided to originate the future.

The path of original experience is all but foreign to people in this corporate age.

Truth be told, if you’re not into Sci-fi, you’re not really that imaginative.

Truth be told, if you’re good looking in this country especially, you are probably shallow.

I am very good looking.

Bad teeth tho.

Truth be told, if you’re not asking a question in at least every 30 seconds of an argument, you’re the one losing.

Truth be told, if you’re not asking your date many questions about themselves and rattle on about yourself–you are interested in someone else. And you – are – shallow. No matter how many other shallow people tell you otherwise.

About 95% of all dates I’ve ever been on (I’ve logged all 504 of them) have a girl who doesn’t ask questions about me. The remaining 5%, ask questions intensively. Including my wife.

Truth be told, if you’re a parent, you’re probably full of shit.

How could you not be? – Your entire perspective is based on a moment of accident and force.  If you’ve repeated it and had more than one kid while the world is about to sincerely end – you are selfish.-

People think parents don’t change their minds about their children. But they do.

Most do. Do you think they ever admit it?

Think again.

Most are not fit to be parents.

But are.


Next time you look at someone smart, has a ‘head on their shoulders’ ask yourself what you’re really looking at.

And look closer.

Chameleons change more than color.

Do You?