Donald Trump is president because people want to perceive a subjective and ephemeral universe.

Donald Trump is not any one single point of view, and in that way he is perfectly suited for the modern age.

In a time where there is so much information that we get lost in it, it is that loss which yields the true fall: the evaporation of perspective and point of view. 


The nature of the machines  we surround ourselves with, are inherently first-person, subjective oriented, ephemeral and fleeting. 

Pixels on a screen are not fixed and information we regard as fixed say, the location of your car, is and will be forever now subject to the ephemeral quality of pixel light. 

Not to mention, your car itself, is fully hackable and in the very Alice In Wonderland sense–subject to remotely operated spontaneous change.

Think about it, everything in Alice in Wonderland can be moved at any time without any apparent cause. Such is the way we perceive and interpret the worlds surface with our reptilian brain, put into a computerized environment.

Take take a candidate like Hillary Clinton, and notice how fixed, objective and fact oriented her point of view is and perceived as.

 Doesn’t bode well in an era of chained echo chambers to appeal to the so-called global audience.

 The nature of the Internet is inherently decentralist and heterogenous. 

The Global Internet is a contradiction in terms since the Internet itself highlights right brained qualities: continual change, idiosyncrasy as prime subject, and infinitely imploding regionalism. 

The future therefore is not an Internet but a galaxy or universe of intranets.

The new “Net(s)” will remove the entirety of the industrial environment including all mass assembly from a human perspective such mass highways and media,  not to mention cars, airplanes, newspapers and all the margins of the objectively oriented world of Newton or Euclid. Versus the relative Universe of Einstein and Hawkings.

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