Anti-Globalization and Trump are linked.

No longer is left and right as relevant as nationalist and globalist.

Countries are the new  States.


The Goal of Nationwide Protestors Should Be Secession or Civil War.

Well there’s something the Polls got right: Our country is split right down the middle. 

As far as I’ve known and been raised in The United States this has been true. 

Corporate Globalization since 1980 with Reagan began a new establishment obsoleting our country for global money. 

Finally we have an anti-global nationalist as our President even though Bernie would have won. But now that the elites will be removed, the nation is again up for grabs. 

My hope is that laws will become so decentralized and populational values so regionalized, that States like California and Oregon, who are already in talks about leaving the Union–will now actually begin to secede from the US. 

As two or three trading nations, the former US could then have true representation of its people.

Philosophy matters, ideologies are mutually exclusive and a choice of compromise is only a choice of between food and poison.

The former Democrats clearly did not understand this alternative. Poison thus, has been their diet until the clarity of riots. Now they know what was really at stake.