Chomsky and Goldstein

Goldstein was the state player who wrote the book on rebellion. 

This is in George Orwells 1941 novel, 1984.

Goldstein had written a manual on how to create and maintain a successful overthrow of Big Brother. Winston, the protagonist discovers to his horror at a certain point, that Goldstein’s book was written by the State itself.

Orwell well understood that in the modern age, in order to stay in power the authority that exists cannot afford to levy its power without co-opting the opposition. 

A good example of this from my GenX eyes, is Starbucks at Woodstock in 1994. Or the movie Clueless. Or MTV itself. 

What is the goal of packaging rebellion?

What is the goal of The Matrix? They are the same: Control.

As Chomsky himself said in the modern era, Authority realizes that brute force will not ultimately work to control people any longer. This is mainly because technology tends to put  power into the hands of many, depending on the type of technogy it is.

I’ve always said that they do not teach you what to think, but what to think within.

GE, Ford and many other Corporations paid Marshall Mcluhan in the 1960’s hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach them about media. This was just to relay to them why the medium is the dominant message, and not the content of any medium which has the primary transformative effect on society or the human brain.

Today advertisers inherit such a plethora of hand-me-down information containing this lesson. (Just how like JP Gilford is not mentioned anywhere and yet his Psychometric theories on convergent and divergent thinking are inherent in most psychology and business acumen today.)

 Take Trump for example: what he says makes almost no difference against how he is saying it and what emotions he is feeling; is then transmitted back to the viewer. In the same way, Chomsky embodies the reverse side of the same exact coin: his content or what he is saying means so much, every bit is laden with meaning; And yet how he is saying it is passive and could even be considered defeatist. 

This is to teach you an invisible lesson: that though the system is evil, resistance is futile, give up, and we can only implicitly know this and only tacitly acknowledge it. Any more and you might disappear, or something bad will happen to you; is the necessary subtext your brain fills in. Just how the existence of prisons is more based on intimidation of the public rather than intimidation of those within.

You ever see all those TV ads for vacuums that resembled infomercials? Well if you didn’t it doesn’t matter just about all advertising is based on the same premise today: to get you to quit. 

“Give up!” is the slogan of those vacuum ads. 

Give up! 

Why would vacuum advertising wish to teach you to just give up? Well the obvious answer is that so you’ll buy their product to automate that part of your life so you don’t have to do anything. Thus, you giving up would ensure you buying their products. 

 But there is something for more sinister pervasive and subtle: advertisers have scientifically examined the buying process and found very interesting things… 

What is happening in your brain when you buy something?

Research continually shows that you almost revert to an inner child passive alpha state that lasts maybe several seconds in time and yet is the most subconscious of “deliberate” activities. Threfore emotions, brief ones that flip through your mind such as fear or resignation, have a more dominant affect.

I remember when I was selling my art on the street in the New York village in the 1990s and early 2000.

Gay men and women where the prime buyers of my art. I was such an idiot at the time that I overlooked this very important demographic information. Moreover I ignored it’s nature: the women and gay men liked me for some mysterious reason. later I would learn that it was sex appeal, and the kind nature that came off to them as fitting to the starving artist image. I made about $2000 a month doing this at a time for about three months, but got more lays of girls than profits.

I would ironically, examine other types of buyers and why they were buying my art I concluded that it was the same kind of emotion or gratification as giving a coin to a homeless person. It is the altruist impulse, the gratification that you have helped someone out. Had I realized these things explicitly at the time I would’ve been able to take advantage of them, and I would’ve seen how each would become a foot in the door to real profits.

The sales of my art in the village had nothing to do with the art content that I was selling. People want and crave the process of buying more than the product itself that they are buying.

Similarly, any raising of that meak voice of his, and Chomsky would have a jolting effect. Chomsky never sounds angry, never sounds urgent. Notice?

He is successful for the very fact of his ineffectuality. Ineffective at changing anything too dangerous that is.

Guess someone like Howard Zinn is far too emotional and media oriented and thus too dangerous; that he has been taken out as a dominant player. This is while Chomsky collects $10,000 per speaking event, and is the cornerstone of every book stores nonfiction section.

It’s kind a like how one of the greatest Rage Against The Machine songs “No Shelter,” is featured on the Godzilla soundtrack. Which is a far cry from being say, featured on a Black Panthers poster. In fact I don’t think rage against the machine is present at many actual real protests though could be wrong about that…

 And I mean if putting Rage on a Godzilla CD isn’t packaged rebellion, then I don’t know what is. 

But does that mean this is an explicit global conspiracy then? Like in 1984? 

Quick answer is no since books are written to be metaphoric. The answer in reality, is that it’s a big precarious mixture. But still mostly conspiracy.  Business itself is a conspiracy by definition, every business. 

Corporations themselves are an even more ruthless conspiracy since they are based on the ensuring of the completion of the goals of the corporate entity, at all costs.

 Yes, the necessity to come together and conspire to prevent certain things from happening is quite required when the alternative is not returning on your stake holders investments. 

Truth be told there are many conspiracies out there on both sides of the political equation, but they are far too dangerous to mention and I don’t care enough to be a hero.

In any case due to the all-pervasive nature of media or tech today, most conspiracy in our global society is structural. 

Thus Chomsky, doesn’t need to collude with the federal government, Google or any other corporation to have the net affect of packaged rebellion within the societal and political Socio-sphere.  

The powers that be know this.

This is the same phenomenon as the fact that more police cars are stationed in black neighborhoods: structural fascism. That is, The more you put police cars in black neighborhoods the more crime there will be, and hence, increase the need for more police cars. Which then of course, in turn, perpetuates both in an infinite feedback loop.

The observed know that they are being observed, let alone know that they could be arrested at any time. And the knowledge of the statistics from those neighborhoods is heavily reported of course incidental to the fact of their mere presence. It only allows it to snowball in society to the point where African-American people are treated with kid gloves, and put into positions but take them completely out of effective power. The kid gloves are there to infantilize them to the point of being helpless. A helpless enemy is the best enemy to have. The US government is inherently racist and always has been despite the big liberal lie that Hillary Clinton and Obama put up a smokescreen to mask.

Speaking of chicken or the egg societal containment, i’ll speak of both left and right political hemispheres in the United States.

The intellectuals on the left in our country and I saw this within virtually all of my friends; are controlled and contained by means of buying into the new liberalist altruist promise.

The left in our country virtually across the board believes in one of the biggest delusions of all time: the belief that all men are created equal. The reality is so far from the truth in this instance, and yet it is something people accept blindly. If all people are created equal that means ostensibly that people are born equal and yet are just given different opportunities and hence do not end up equal in reality.

Thus if we equalize the playing field and give opportunity to those who need it or are in need then we have a good chance of everybody actually being equal in the future or on some metaphysically conceivable date.

This is wishful thinking at its worst. First of all not everyone has the same genetic predispositions, the same hair color the same symmetry to their face. The so-called God-given talents like with Mozart or Van Gogh, upon any real scrutiny or examination are revealed to be phenomena that one will find very quickly is so radically different and better in the respective capacities of the average person as to be ridiculous or at least very caricatural.

School, especially high school, I remember observing how teachers were buying into the premise that everybody is equal (not everybody is created equal by the way) and its destructive effects on kids. 

Kids today learned that they will get a prize no matter what they do. Regardless of their status their talents and their current capabilities they are to be just as rewarded by the current educational hegemony as those who actually have succeeded in reality. 

Reality is what is being omitted here. Because in evolutionary reality which is embedded and inherent in all living things, it is those who accomplish tasks that get rewards. Any failure is met with a penalty. 

Hence if something fails and there is no penalty, then that which needed to be worked on will continue to exist in the state it had been previously. This is the state of limbo most millennials exist within today.

Millennials are the greatest generation in many ways, but are the results of failed parenting strategies or just failed parents.

Well it’s refreshing because my parents and my family bought into all that Neo-liberalist garbage. The current paradigm needed to be shattered and millennials do that splendidly.

Millennial’s are sex positive, socially minded, and don’t care about money half as much as any of the other generations before them. This is mostly because they grow up post Internet and the Internet is inherently as collectivist as it is decentralist in nature.

They are a generation that so far establishment has had a hard time co-opting. The whole idea of packaged  rebellion doesn’t work on them like it did on Gen X because they don’t care about the system to begin with.

Chomsky is no doubt effectively Goldstein, but maybe the audience for establishment State players has finally met its end.

As per how generation X evolved into adulthood, we can see how the all men are created equal premise translates itself into a rigid political correctness in which the exposure to other cultures and races is shut down while preaching about how great it is to expose oneself to –culture.

 Are you beginning to see a pattern? 

The ministry of peace is devoted to war. 

The Ministry public health is devoted to making people sick.

Hitler always said the bigger the lie the more likely more people are going to beileve it. 

On the political right the distraction is a lot more crude. It consists of a fine line between entertainment and war and just a general dumbing down. The right wing in our country is what it is unlike the left because our country for the most part in terms of its leaders and impetus is a type of ultra individualism bent on oligarchy. Always has.

Beginning to realize these things is the first step and the second is to understand the effects of media. By buying into any excepted political stance in society is to buy into a co-opted subscription of unwarranted premises that eat ones brain alive.

When you confront a fact in reality integrate it with other facts and consider what it is an objective reality rather than what your friends will think or how it fits into society.

Consider that all heroes swim against the current. Without that resistance, you are only a fair weather hero.

What kind of a hero is that?

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